The Dinner Party

Fork scrapped against plate one last time and the rest of the party knew the dinner had finally ended. Oh thank goodness thought Bobbi Young; guest, had the fish paired with a root beer and judgemental gazes from the others.  The evening had been billed as a dinner party with a quick message, but the dozen … Continue reading The Dinner Party


Beach Day. Ruined.

A frightened scream rang out from the beachside parking lot.  Then another and another.  "Someone call for help!" Called one person standing in the lot, surveying the damage. "Ah man, come on!" Shouted another, kicking the raised curb of the sidewalk. A hot dog cart vendor strolling the beach ran as fast as she could … Continue reading Beach Day. Ruined.

From the Archives: Highlights from the Report

Little bit of a time travel this evening.  This post originally appeared in July '17.  Seems like a really long time ago. It is not. New stuff coming this week.  For now, a second night in a row with a demon rabbit.   On August 5, 1973, Father Patrick Smith, Father Ryan O'Henry, Doctor Rose … Continue reading From the Archives: Highlights from the Report

From the Town Records of Shadow River

From the public records of the town of Shadow River. Public Meeting Township of Shadow RIver Date: April 28, 2018 Mayor Rodney Blueburn's first public meeting Nature of meeting: 99 Friends Group Mayor Rodney Blueburn: Hello and welcome to this first of what I plan to be many public meetings.  Like ol' FDR's fireside chats, but … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River

Deck and Amy and the Show

"Two drink minimum? I don't even drink.  Do you think they're good with Coke and Dr. Pepper as a mixed drink?" Deck wondered allowed. Amy set her menu down.  "I think at ten bucks for a bottle of water the tab will certainly hit the minimum pretty quick." "Hey now, this will be a good time.  … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Show

People on the Highway

I made a visit to the ol' public library today in part to pick up a movie that would be embarrassing to have in the Amazon rental history (Justice Leauge because we're curious and self loathing), but also to get some guides on very boring books that scream "I'm a corporate tool!" Yes, always reliable … Continue reading People on the Highway

Where Aliens Play

Mark and Harry crawled up a small hill, dragging themselves slowly, methodically, so as not to be seen by those they feared were waiting on the other side. "You sure about this?" Harry asked. Mark was never so sure about anything in this life. "Yeah, this is going to change the world." Harry simply nodded … Continue reading Where Aliens Play