From the Town Records of Shadow River

From the records of the town of Shadow River Meeting: Open Public Forum Date:  August 2, 1993 Moderator: Concerned Citizen Claudette Coston-Causeworth Claudette Coston-Causeworth, Moderator, moderately: Who would like to pose the next question? Amy Shields, raising her hand: I have a concern. Coston-Causeworth: The chair recognizes Ms. Shields, local citizen and owner of the … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River


Mana and the Sandwich

"Turkey, bacon, extra mustard on wheat!" The counter-rep called out. "Sweet!" Mana celebrated with a skyward fist pump. She made her way through the crowd and to the counter. Her sandwich was ready. She pulled out her credit card and exchanged it for a bottled iced tea. This was a ransom situation. Once the card … Continue reading Mana and the Sandwich

A Bonding Moment

"Excellent. Excellent, yes," Jonah said, gleefully. He began rushing around the lab. "This is an excellent opportunity. We can prove your superiority. This challenge the community has put before you, before us, is going to change the world. Yes, yes. Quite a day." "Dad, it's not-" Junior tried to say. "The entirety of my life … Continue reading A Bonding Moment

Airheads Couldn’t Work Today

For some, the movie Airheads is a reference that is understood.  Some.  I stumbled over it recently, laughed at the dated-ness of the cover and moved on.  Later, the very concept of Airheads destroyed my mind. Airheads couldn't work today. No one cares about radio. The one hard rock station in Denver continues to play … Continue reading Airheads Couldn’t Work Today

Cooking Up Some Blog Names

I'm really into cooking.  Playing with knives and eating fresh made caramel at the same time is basically the greatest thing about the modern world.  Like most anyone who is into cooking, I've considered starting a food blog.  I've come up with some potential names for a blog all about cooking for kids (which, even … Continue reading Cooking Up Some Blog Names

Harlin and the Crickets

Harlin grew old as most tend to do.  He moved into his senior years so gradually he barely noticed.  A few gray hairs here and there.  Eye glass prescriptions steadily grew in strength.  He began saying goodbye friends more regularly.  All of it happened so naturally and that when he finally realized he was old … Continue reading Harlin and the Crickets