We Don’t Live on the Surface Anymore

We don’t live on the surface anymore. Not for lack of trying. For a time, humanity was all about trying to retake the “world that was” from the hordes of undead zombie monster things. Whole armies were raised only to join the enemy in pretty short order. Not exactly a winning strategy. So people live … Continue reading We Don’t Live on the Surface Anymore


From the Town Records of Shadow River

This week I'm going to try something both fun and arguably lazy!  All stories this week will be the same story (or story elements) as Flying Car, but using different formats and characters that I turn too often.  So here we go with more flying cars and gas cans! Zoning Review Township of Shadow River … Continue reading From the Town Records of Shadow River

Traffic Backed Up

Traffic backed up along the winding country highway for miles.  Near a bridge, dozens of squad cars, ambulances and a handful of firetrucks sat silently with red, blue, and yellow lights flashing their warnings of danger ahead. From the trees, a pair of binoculars surveilled the scene. "Yeesh," Hudson muttered to himself as he saw … Continue reading Traffic Backed Up

The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Narrator:  These are dire times, listener! The Captain has fallen into a trap. Her trusted companion Psyde Qik has been kidnapped! The sky is dark and Skye is displeased! Will the trap win the day? Will Psyde Qik ever hit the soda-shop again?  It's time to find out on The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye … Continue reading The Continuing Adventures of Captain Skye Dyvur

Society Orange

"I can fix this," Axl said. He knew he could not, but the moment required daring.  He started for the door, making way for the forest around the cabin. "Axl, don't be dumb. You can't fix this," Amber stopped her partner from exacerbating the situation. Axl let loose his shaky grip on the doorknob and … Continue reading Society Orange

Wren – Chapter Five

One more certification exam awaits.  Supposed to be studying. I'm not.  I'm very much not.  There's only so many times I can read "p chart" before I stop giggling and I have arrived at that point.  However, I have not hit that point with "np charts", which is admittedly a much less funny name but … Continue reading Wren – Chapter Five

Wren – Chapter Four

Years ago I wrote a paper at 2:00 am for a history course.  It was an intro level class for American antebellum social structures. I loved the class, but could not bring myself to write a paper at a reasonable hour for any of my courses.  I wrote the paper super early in the morning … Continue reading Wren – Chapter Four