Out of the Mine

Hudson was out of rocks to throw. Mykaela's med-kit was useless. Tyler threw some jokes at the monster, but, and this was common for Tyler's jokes, they landed with little impact. The three were trapped. The monster was drawing closer. As far as attempts to save the world went, this one could have gone better. … Continue reading Out of the Mine

Battle of the Noble Winter

Kentucky smashed buttons on the control panels of the Noble Winter. The ship was being targeted. He knew this. The alarms that indicated an attack was imminent told him this. They had been telling him this for five minutes straight and telling him this very loudly. "Taisa! Your ship is being moody," he shouted to … Continue reading Battle of the Noble Winter

Journey of The Noble Winter

Taisa Bievi was the favored child of a reviled despot. She spent most of her adult life trying to make amends with this fact. A childhood of luxury was provided on the backs of a suffering populace. When she discovered what her father was, what he had done to the people of Bastion space station … Continue reading Journey of The Noble Winter

Aboard the Noble Winter

Aboard the starship Noble Winter, there were two captains. Kentucky and Taisa Bienvi. The brother and sister team did not do actual captain work beyond plotting routes and obtaining work, but the captain title looked good on resumes if they ever wanted to find more stable work. Neither wanted to find more stable work, of course. … Continue reading Aboard the Noble Winter

Mana and the Counter

Mana walked to lunch. Usually a fan of the microwaved-leftovers lunch option, today was different. Today was special. Today was Wednesday. She left the radio station with one goal; get a sandwich. The afternoon was just beginning. 12:32 pm and the sun was bright, the wind was light, and the leaves were taking flight. Fall … Continue reading Mana and the Counter

Sunspot’s Laziest

Ranching and drinking were the selling points for Sunspot.  Surrounded by mountain peaks, impossible grasslands and more evergreens than an eye could count, the town was a popular stay over for anyone heading west to California, Oregon, their ruin; whatever suited the traveler.  Sunspot was built of timbers and masonry as covered wagons passed on … Continue reading Sunspot’s Laziest

Mana and the Day Off

Mana worked two jobs. For no more than thirty hours per week, she worked with a marketing team at a local radio station. The rest of her time was spent training, preparing, and otherwise getting ready for a battle against evil. Chosen by the Cosmic Force to be the one defender against threats greater than … Continue reading Mana and the Day Off