Cursed By Dice Episode Three Now Up

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Episode three is live!  This is the first episode to come out after our initial launch and it is a good one.  Shadow River’s zombie plague is still a problem.  Billie Ron Hubbard is still annoying.  Everyone still ignores their fate points.  It’s business as usual here on Cursed By Dice.

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Quincy and the West Part 4

The sound of a galloping horse always meant trouble.  The horse was either being directed to something in a hurry or away from something in a hurry.  In Port Plain there was rarely cause for a hurried action unless there was a fire.

Quincy checked the time on his pocket watch. “Almost three hours,” he said, “I was here almost three hours before any real trouble happened.”

“Sheriff!” the expected cry came from atop the horse.

Quincy turned to see the source of so many ’emergency’ notices, Leander Bell.  Leander was always the first in line to tell of a new disturbance or threat to Port Plain, which often included improperly penned cows or broken fences.

“Mr. Bell, what can I do for you today?” Quincy said, already annoyed. Continue reading

The Instigator’s Backing

The Instigator sat alone, sipping at a glass of Oakvern’s finest aged whiskey.  It was, not surprisingly, oaky and tasted like fire, but she savored every drop.  She had spent the daylight hours with town elders trying to uncover the root of their suspicious attitude toward a stranger that had been arrested as a spy almost as quickly as he had arrived.  She learned nothing.

The bar provided solitude among the masses.  She sat, sipped, and soaked in the words of the patrons around here.  In a week’s time, they would be living under the rule of a new government.  Likely her government.  None of them knew that, or just as likely none of them cared.  They wanted their whiskey and their stories before heading back to work in the morning.  She wondered if any of it had been worthwhile.  The revolution, the battles; did any of her efforts matter?  She took a longer sip of her drink and coughed. Continue reading

The Alchemist’s Artifice

The Alchemist had no love for hospitals.  For all his knowledge of the realities of the chemical world, he loathed medical science.  Mostly the needles and bone saws so prevalent in the field.  When eyes first opened and saw the white curtain surrounding his bed, the gas lamp lighting his room and the doctor scribbling notes on a piece of paper he sighed.

“It had to be hospital.  I take one long nap and they put me here,” he said.

The doctor rushed to his side and threw a bevy of questions at the waking man.

“Shush.  End your drivel.  Where am I, you oddly short creature?” The Alchemist was a bit more forward than usual.

“Sir, do you remember what happened is Descar?  With the automaton?” The doctor asked.

“Of course I remember.  Landship explodes, mechanical soldiers follow and oh my goodness I was blown up wasn’t I?” The Alchemist did not fully remember the evening’s events.  “Good heavens, that is is something one should remember yes?” Continue reading

The Instigator’s Intrigue

Called to a command tent in the early morning hours of a Tuesday morning filled with the sound of chirping crickets and a summer fog, the Instigator dutifully answered her summons.

“Sirs,” she said entering the tent.  Generals stood around a table cut from a single plank from a single tree and carved with the symbols of the resistance.  They wore grayed mustaches and wrinkle smiles.  Each had spent storied careers serving the king’s army, but even those seemingly loyal to the Crown were quick to notice the growing madness at court.  Now they served as the council guiding and forming the direction of the military calling itself a revolution.

“Thank you for coming,” General Ludiard said, “please take a seat.”

General Pilat rose motioned for her to take his chair.  Pilat had a reputation for being particularly callus to the needs of others, for him to be extended his chair meant one of two things was about to happen; she was being sent on a one way trip, or the war had ended prematurely.  She was involved in the planning of most engagements now; she knew the war was far from over.

“What can I do for the cause, this morning, Generals?” She asked. Continue reading

Stalwart Crest Part 15

Chapter 15

“Scientists and support staff, please make your way onto the evacuation shuttles in an orderly manner.  You will be taken to Platform 14 where you’ll enjoy nice relaxing walks on a beach full of spiders and the setting sun creates a wonderful green sky.  It’s a weird place,” Rafe instructed the workers of Platform 10.  He was walking the shuttle landing pad guiding scientists both frightened and annoyed to the Stalwart Crest’s evacuation shuttle.

Aki was to ferry the Platform 10 crew to safety.  She stood at the shuttle’s entry way and herded employees into the large craft.  She had been through evacuations before and the effect of an alarm on the adult human brain never ceased to amaze her.  She had to warn people to watch their step.  Grown people charged with rebuilding a planet.  She sighed as one of the labrats hit his head on a low hanging cargo shelf.  She missed her drones. Continue reading

Davis and May Part 19

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Part 19

Winston held his fists tight in front of him.  May looked over the room.  Davis fumbled with his belt buckle.  The guards stepped ever nearer, armed with small long blades

“Just press the button,” May instructed him.

“I am! It’s not moving,” Davis shouted back.  He continued to not press the button.

May huffed.  “Winston, distract them would you?” She waved her hand at the guards and Winston began swinging his fists.

“You press it right here,” she tapped the side of the copper belt buckle with an ornate octopus etched to it.  The aquatic monster unhinged from the top of the buckle, falling forward to reveal a stack of short darts.

“That is exactly how I pressing the button,” Davis threw his hands in the air, at once furious and befuddled by the gadget’s difficulty. Continue reading