Planet Hopping – Gaspra

Captain’s Journal. Date Taco Tuesday. But frankly, as I travel the stars by myself with no one to judge or love me, I ensure that Taco Tuesday happens at least 6 nights a week.  I’m just finishing up a review of the great wandering asteroid Gaspra. Yes, that’s right dear lovers of the cosmic tale, … Continue reading Planet Hopping – Gaspra


Planet Hopping – Orion Nebula

Captain’s Journal. Date. Friday y’all! Let’s get this party started! I’m really, really interested in finding out where the party is this weekend. A large gathering of people enjoying themselves and celebrating their accomplishments, or forgetting them, from the previous week sounds...well dear chewer of the merry words of this journal, that sounds pretty okay. … Continue reading Planet Hopping – Orion Nebula

Planet Hopping – The Carina–Sagittarius Arm

Captain’s Journal. Date. August? Is it August yet? Time is weird when you’re over 30. Dear content consumer, I could not help myself from returning to you so soon after our last chat. This is a big, big, mostly empty galaxy we live in and I, your restless captain, get to see it all. All … Continue reading Planet Hopping – The Carina–Sagittarius Arm

Planet Hopping

Captain's journal. Date L33t. Probably. Sometimes, dear listeners, calling the stars home gets downright tiresome. Sure the swirls of faraway galaxies and bright zipping comets provide life-defining scenes, but traveling planet to planet and investigating ancient ruins of lost alien civilizations does become a bit...oh who am I kidding?  This job is the best. I'm … Continue reading Planet Hopping

Archives: Captain Redding and the Journey of Eagle Seven

This morning started way too early for me. Up before the sun in July? That's not cool, work. Not cool at all.  I don't remember driving to or from work, but I'm sure it was pretty exciting stuff. Highway speeds, farmland, that spot I saw an eagle that one time; the route has it all.  … Continue reading Archives: Captain Redding and the Journey of Eagle Seven

Not Quick Enough

The computer screen dimmed and the keyboard lights turned off. Terry closed the laptop and walked away from his day job for the evening. The walk to the parking lot was quick, but never quick enough. After eight to ten hours a day putting together user manuals, Terry was always in a rush to get … Continue reading Not Quick Enough

Sample Size

“Doctor, we need a bigger sample group than this to get any real value from the study,” said Wyl, the project engineer for Doctor Yosa’s latest experiment. “There aren’t any other samples. This is all there are,” Doctor Yosa said. “Then why are we doing this? Why do we need to study this group if … Continue reading Sample Size