Time Pigeons

Louis watched the corner cafe with great interest. In ten minutes, three people would meet here, share a plate of fries, order sandwiches, and call it a day. This would be the first meeting of a trio that would go on to found a company that would change the world of cost accounting. The details … Continue reading Time Pigeons


Mana and the Hunt

Mana sent the text. Again she would have to cancel date night plans. "I am sorry it has to be this way, Mana. I truly am," the Cosmic Force who had selected her as the champion of Earth against dark forces. Mana knew her destiny would get very much in the way of 8:00 pm … Continue reading Mana and the Hunt

It Must be Explained

News from the far reaches of the empire was growing direr by the day. Entire planets were entertaining rebellion. “Let me rally my fleets and put an end to this uprising! My empress, it is not our way to suffer insurrection,” Admiral Ferguson implored the regent, completely unaware of how evil he sounded. “No, Empress, … Continue reading It Must be Explained

Alternate Timeline: Idaho

We know Idaho as the source of great potatoes, a place that pivoted really, really well once the goldmines dried up, and home to Hell's Canyon, the deepest gorge in America.  This is the Idaho we know and think fondly of when it comes up in conversation. True that's not often, but Hell's Canyon is … Continue reading Alternate Timeline: Idaho

Notes from the Last Days of Oakston

When we were children, we in the general sense here, there was no stopping us. The world that existed was made up of 20 streets, a Target that felt like it was as far away as Egypt and an old man across the street who loved their leaf blower a little too much.  We rode … Continue reading Notes from the Last Days of Oakston

The Flower Shop

For twenty-five years the shop at the corner of Pecos and Ground sold everything a gardener could possibly need to make the best flower bed on the block. That was all thanks to Lucinda Bellweather, owner and operator of the store. Lucinda had started the shop as a birthday present to herself thinking a few … Continue reading The Flower Shop

Planet Hopping – Mars

Captain’s Journal. Date: Irrelevant. For when science is the task, the task takes as long as it takes. Deadlines matter not aboard my ship. HQ feels differently.  Dear entertainment connoisseur, today I met someone. I picked up a cherry Slurpee at a 7/11 in the asteroid belt and then hopped over to a quiet corner … Continue reading Planet Hopping – Mars