Society6 just launched sticker options and I'm really stoked about them.   Now you can deck out your stuff with poorly timed sayings throughout history in sticker form.  It's pretty cool. I just put up some new designs.  Stickers start at $2.99 apparently.  Check out my selection here:   Or the joke that started this … Continue reading Stickers!


Lunch Hour Characters

I have not plugged blog number two in quite some time, but Lunch Hour Characters is (shockingly) still a thing.  A delightfully absurd, weird thing. Six months in.  Time is a strange beast. Here's a look at some of the recent content: Paul collects stamps. And travel experiences!     Bad art. Bad stories. Daily … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters

General Update Post For the Win!

Time for the ol' obligatory marketing post.  Part of the ol' blogger thing that helps fund the ol' website and helps me learn ways to calling everything the ol' something or other. All day today May 15, enjoy 20% of everything at my Society6 page:  Coffee mugs, shirts, phone cases, all the fun stuff that's … Continue reading General Update Post For the Win!

Sweet Googly Moogly New Mugs!

You know what's fun? Words. You know what goes well with words? Coffee. I'm addicted to bad graphic design (the only kind I know how to make).  These are a departure from the history themed items currently available. Rather, they feature some of my favorite phrases.  The ones without curses anyway.  More on the way … Continue reading Sweet Googly Moogly New Mugs!