Cursed By Dice Episode Three Now Up

(I’m just going to copy/paste from the Cursed By Dice site, head on over for some behind the scenes stuff)

Episode three is live!  This is the first episode to come out after our initial launch and it is a good one.  Shadow River’s zombie plague is still a problem.  Billie Ron Hubbard is still annoying.  Everyone still ignores their fate points.  It’s business as usual here on Cursed By Dice.

Come check out Episode 3 below: here:

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Cursed By Dice Episode 1

The first episode of the brand new Cursed By Dice podcast is available now!

Check out the podcast’s website here:

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I’m super excited about this project.  Lots of characters, monsters, puzzles and fun to take part in.

Give it a listen to find out how we’re planning on making the whole thing as interactive as can be and please subscribe and review if you can.  These first few after launch are critical and I am in dire need of your help to get this out there and hopefully make a few people laugh.

Thanks for being awesome!

Cursed by Dice a new RPG Podcast

A brand spankin’ new podcast for the story telling, group game playing folks out there.  Cursed by Dice uses the Fate Core system to (poorly) help heroes solve puzzles, battle foes and try their best to start a VW bus.

It can be found on iTunes here:

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I want to make the whole thing as interactive as a podcast can be, so I’m asking for listener help in suggesting items, names, places and all the 80s references you can provide and we’ll work them into the story.  Send a tweet, a comment, an email, choose your method of communication and we’re there.  Check out the site for full details on contacting the show.

For those not using iTunes as their preferred podcast source, the hosted version can be found here: or add it the RSS to your podcast player with this link:


I’m super excited for this one and hope you like it too. Putting together a fun story alongside some of my favorite people has been tremendous fun and they are so very entertaining.  If you do like the show, a review and/or sharing the show with your friends, family, neighbors, or even your enemies is greatly appreciated.


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Scrap Wood Dice Tower DIY

It wouldn’t be a week of toy making if a dice tower did not find it’s way into the mix.

We’ve been playing a lot of Pathfinder recently and it has been an amazing experience.  My wife is an elf rogue, my brother a human warrior and my neighbor/bff is wandering around as a wizard.  The trio has battled zombies, dragons, werewolves, goblins and more all before reaching level two.  With the campaign’s end nowhere in sight, I thought it would be a good time to bring a menacing looking tower to my side to instill fear into the heart’s of the PCs!

…and I really like the way dice sound when falling down a wooden tower. Continue reading

Saturday Gaming

Nothing to do? Bored crazy?  Is it raining outside?  No worries!

There’s a ridiculously fun fix.  For cheap.  Uber cheap (not that Uber though, I hear that gets pretty expensive)

I love telling stories.  If stories can be told while rolling dice or flipping cards with a group of friends, there can be nothing better.

Here are three awesome tools to get you up and running with fantasy RPG pretty much right away.

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Cool internet thing of the week

This is not going to be a regular thing, but this is too neat to not share.

It’s been around for some time and there’s a feeling I’m the last to learn of it, but is seriously awesome.

It provides the ability to the lay person to put together a classic RPG game like Final Fantasy or Earthbound. Read some tutorials or just hop in and play, it is crazy easy to work with.

I am working on a sarcastic game, because sarcasm is easier to write than any genuine emotion.

I keep thinking of how neat the program would have been during my school days. Need to write a book report? Why not make Romeo and Juliet an 8bit adventure.

The free version ( what I’m working with now, because I’m cheap and the newborn means only the diapers are disposable, not the income), offers plenty of tools to still make a fun game and learn a thing or two about the code. Crazy fun to work with, check it out, make a game, post a download link in the comments.

Go make something fun.