Lunch Hour Characters – Road

Road is traveling. How's it going? Let's find out... in haiku form. Two kids in backseat. Between them, snacks uneaten. Hangry passengers. Dusk approaching fast. Sun sets and blinds the driver Road kill everywhere. Popular question: Who in this car just farted?! Giggles for hours. I spy with my eye Something that starts with a … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Road


Must Haves – Road Trip Games

The road trip. Once a cherished tradition is now mostly a carbon creating guilt trip full of poor LTE coverage and plenty of downloaded movies. However, when you have to be somewhere and you don't have to fly, hopping into a car and hitting the highway is pretty nice. I remember games of slugbug and … Continue reading Must Haves – Road Trip Games

Lunch Hour Characters – Lost

Road trips have many positive outcomes but there's one very concerning negative possibility.  This is Dent. Dent is on a road trip and facing the worst scenario possible. Dent is lost. How's that going for ol' Dent? Let's find out through haiku.   Anteaters? Oh no. What direction did I go? Those should not live … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Lost

When the Family’s Away

My family hit the road this morning for a trip to eastern Kansas. I have to stay behind for work related tasks while my wife spends time with her parents and two small children for a 9 hour car ride.  Through Kansas.  With my in-laws. The fun of a car trip cannot be duplicated.  After a … Continue reading When the Family’s Away

The Reunion Day One

  I used to hear about "world's biggest ball of yarn" or "come see our big gopher statue" Road side attractions and think the whole idea was ridiculous. This month I have been forced to reconsider that position. Between an evil Barney the Dinosaur riding toy in Buffalo, Wyoming and now a cracked egg statue … Continue reading The Reunion Day One