Spud Winslow Reviews His Data

Spud Winslow has had in an interesting few days. Following a tragic incident with a Roomba and a loose glass of La Croix over the weekend, Spud has opted to do some spring cleaning of his beloved laptop computer. Here’s what went into the trash folder: Five reports written in college that all start with … Continue reading Spud Winslow Reviews His Data


The Driver’s Thoughts

"Hey!" I said. Overzealous right off the bat. That's going to level my rating. I try to recover. "Off to the Jumpin' Java and Juice Joint, eh? Good stuff there, good stuff." The rider has headphones in. I'm saved.  Can't tell if they're Samsung or Apple style though. I'm going to have to play this … Continue reading The Driver’s Thoughts

Night of the Pizza

My dog, Fido, barked as the Romero Pizza delivery driver approached the door.  It was week four of my pizza marathon and, 28 days later, I had returned to Romero's.  All the local pizzas taste alike after a little while, but there are slight nuances that make them each special in their own way. The delivery guy … Continue reading Night of the Pizza

Fun with Historical References

Ever wonder what modern cultural items would look like in a different time and place? No? Well, here are some anyway:   Team Orville or Team Wilbur, never both. Shakesp3ar Magna Carta deal finished over Skype. The Marathon Runner just wanted to deliver his mix tape Teddy Roosevelt straight up smacking safari loving dentists Cleopatra … Continue reading Fun with Historical References