Volcano Beneath Denver

“Good afternoon, people. I wish I could stand before with better news, but wishes get stitches or something… I’m very tired after reviewing years of data trying to disprove my analysis. I cannot disprove it though,” Doctor Abigail Ladlow, chief seismologist of the College of Geology at the local university addressed a group of press … Continue reading Volcano Beneath Denver


Stories from a Long Lost Uncle

Did I ever tell you kids how I found out what an international cease and desist order looks like? You're in for a treat. Some backstory about my time as a travel guide in Europe first. Thing is, you don't need a license to be a travel guide. Don't need to know the language or the … Continue reading Stories from a Long Lost Uncle

Must Haves: Dropped Briefcase

Is there anything more curious than a dropped briefcase? A rogue walking down the street, they stumble, their case falls to the ground and exposes a bundle of papers that will change the world. A mule has to drop the cargo at a specific spot, nervousness results in dropping a case full of illegal squirrels. … Continue reading Must Haves: Dropped Briefcase

Must Haves: Lunch

Usually I take my lunch to work.  Some sort of microwave friendly fare gets me through that crazy mid-day feast and then it's back to being efficient and productive, and productively efficient. Sometimes though, oh golly, sometimes 'usual' gets tossed to the wind and the lunch hour is spent at a restaurant! Hopefully one with … Continue reading Must Haves: Lunch

House Rules

In the entryway to Dublin House (not at all located in Dublin, but the owner likes the sound of the words together) a list of rules greets visitors and roommates alike. The rules, the owner supposes, would be a good fit for any home, any B&B, or anywhere people gather to watch Netflix or sit … Continue reading House Rules

Lunch Hour Characters – Harvey

This is Harvey. Harvey is a little behind on topical references. Here, Harvey haikus his heart out hoping Harry and the Hendersons is happening. The safari park Had so many lions there And not one dentist. Windows closed. Blinds drawn. It's happening now; the end. Y2K is come! Hey, you have the one? No, no … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Harvey