Chuck at the Food Court

“You know, there use to be a graying tower alone on the sea? You guys ever hear of this?” Chuck heard the table behind him say.

He sat alone in a mall food court, eating pizza between shopping runs.  It was birthday season and he liked to get all his shopping done at once.  People watching was always nice too, but sometimes people left him questioning reality.  The conversation behind him had piqued his interest.

“There’s so much a man can tell you, so much he can say.  In particular, Mr. Ronald Riehns, historian of the Gray Tower that stands alone in the sea.” Another person at the table said. Continue reading


Poorly Timed Sayings Through History Mug Collection

I’m here to fill your humorous coffee mug needs.  Also need to put that history degree to use.  Mostly I want to help in the consumption of coffee.

I’ve set up a new shop with Society6, a print-on-demand store that makes incredibly high quality goods and features art prints from incredible artists.

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Here’s Best Summer Ever!

Here are the coffee mugs to make your co workers chuckle as they walk by your desk: Continue reading

The Conversation

Roderick had set up what he thought to be the perfect date night; candle lit outdoor dining, gourmet Italian cuisine, full moon over head.  Even the weather cooperated by not being too hot nor too cold.  He did not remember the last time he and Caroline were out, kid free, phone free, work free.  He was hopeful the night would be one remembered fondly years later.

Then the bread basket hit the table.

“That don’t impress me much,” Caroline said as the waiter stepped away.

“The bread doesn’t impress you?” Roderick asked. Continue reading

The Hamlet

“Our hamlet has a problem.  Just beyond the trees live beasts of unspeakable horror.  Those foolish enough to venture beyond the line rarely return.  If they do they come back changed,” the elder who introduced himself as Jonah explained.

The weary traveler, tired from a day along a dirt road, looked upon Jonah’s face.  There was pain in the man’s expression.  Despite the apparent truth in the statement, something nagged at the traveler and before he could control his words, he blurted a question.

“Is this some sort of The Village sitch?”

Annoyed, Jonah replied, “Sitch? What? No.  No, that two bit hack of a Bush era political commentary is nothing like what faces our hamlet.  We’re called a hamlet for goodness sake.” Continue reading

No Response Possible

Sometimes, there are no words.  Sometimes, the whole of time and space comes to a standstill as an unanswerable question lingers in the minds and hearts of those exposed to it.

So it was for a group of colleagues enjoying a meal at the company cafeteria.

The group checked their watched, double checked their calendars, but spoke not even a word.  Each needed a moment to collect a thought, gain some composure as they tried to put context to a question not asked in many, many years.

The question rang through their minds:

“Hey, have you guys seen Ladyhawke?”




That’s the most dated reference I could come up with.
In researching the film, found out Alfred Molina is in it! So…there’s that.
Have a nice weekend!

Sailing Away

“A cruise? You sure? With the tiny cabins and the Dramamine?” Corbin asked.

“Yeah, it’ll a fun break.  Work is slow that time of year for both of us.  It’ll be great. And I already bought the tickets,” James answered.

Corbin tried to hide a smirk, “You mean we’re going on a Poseidon Adventure of our own?” Continue reading

The Continuing Dinner Party Calamities of Deck and Amy

“Shed no tears for the dead, for they have taken their final steps.  Weep not for their loss, for we learn from the absence.  Once we uncover their treasures, we will understand all they have left for us,” the man in a pith helmet said as he took yet another swing with his pick-ax.

“That’s well and good, but,” Amy started.

“We are on the cusp of greatness! This is our hour!” The pithy man shouted as the ax collided with its target.

“But that’s not,” Deck said, cringing as the ax hit.

“This map,” the adventurer said, waving a torn up bit of old parchment paper in the faces of Amy and Deck, “this map was written by the Freemasons and guides us to a treasure underneath this very spot!” The adventurer was shaking with excitement.

Ted, watching from the dinner table, sipped his wine and chimed in, “That’s National Treasure, right? We’re watching a Nic Cage classic unfold?” Continue reading