Dear Future Past Me

Dear Future Past Me, I really thought time travel would involve more Quantum Leap style murder mystery.  You know how much Lore I've listened to? You don't. I'm friggin' years older than you are right now. Maybe. I can't control when these notes arrive.  But if Lore the popular podcast, television series, and VR-Cast (you'll … Continue reading Dear Future Past Me


Chuck at the Food Court

"You know, there use to be a graying tower alone on the sea? You guys ever hear of this?" Chuck heard the table behind him say. He sat alone in a mall food court, eating pizza between shopping runs.  It was birthday season and he liked to get all his shopping done at once.  People … Continue reading Chuck at the Food Court

Poorly Timed Sayings Through History Mug Collection

I'm here to fill your humorous coffee mug needs.  Also need to put that history degree to use.  Mostly I want to help in the consumption of coffee. I've set up a new shop with Society6, a print-on-demand store that makes incredibly high quality goods and features art prints from incredible artists. Follow this link … Continue reading Poorly Timed Sayings Through History Mug Collection

The Conversation

Roderick had set up what he thought to be the perfect date night; candle lit outdoor dining, gourmet Italian cuisine, full moon over head.  Even the weather cooperated by not being too hot nor too cold.  He did not remember the last time he and Caroline were out, kid free, phone free, work free.  He … Continue reading The Conversation

The Hamlet

"Our hamlet has a problem.  Just beyond the trees live beasts of unspeakable horror.  Those foolish enough to venture beyond the line rarely return.  If they do they come back changed," the elder who introduced himself as Jonah explained. The weary traveler, tired from a day along a dirt road, looked upon Jonah's face.  There … Continue reading The Hamlet

No Response Possible

Sometimes, there are no words.  Sometimes, the whole of time and space comes to a standstill as an unanswerable question lingers in the minds and hearts of those exposed to it. So it was for a group of colleagues enjoying a meal at the company cafeteria. The group checked their watched, double checked their calendars, … Continue reading No Response Possible

Sailing Away

"A cruise? You sure? With the tiny cabins and the Dramamine?" Corbin asked. "Yeah, it'll a fun break.  Work is slow that time of year for both of us.  It'll be great. And I already bought the tickets," James answered. Corbin tried to hide a smirk, "You mean we're going on a Poseidon Adventure of our … Continue reading Sailing Away