Not So Intimidating Nicknames

"You shoulda' paid up." Notorious words from a notorious mobster who ignored the fact that there was a Great Depression going on. "I just need another week," pleaded a bad gambler. "You've had four extra weeks.  Now it's time you meet Joey 'Tummy Possum' Doogan." The mobster threatened. From a dark corner of the room, … Continue reading Not So Intimidating Nicknames

Wade at the End of the World

If a person could be defined by a sound, Wade could be defined as the rumble of an empty stomach.  People can't be defined as sounds though, so they are left to be defined by their actions and words.  Wade was better defined as a hunter of prey that probably deserved a head start. "Would … Continue reading Wade at the End of the World

Frank’s First Day

"Any body know what Frank is doing?" Arnie asked.  Frank was new to the flock and the area.  The adjustment was going poorly. "He's just acclimating," Raj said, "he'll be fine in a few days.  Sarah gave him the tour, Dave showed him the best food, Wendy filled out the on-boarding paperwork.  You remember your … Continue reading Frank’s First Day

The Stars Align

"Why have you summoned the council this day, Brother Orion?" Asked the Council Elder. The question was on the mind of all ten council members assembled around the altar.  The council members stood in their flowing red robes, faces hidden under deep hoods.  The room was poorly lit by flickering candles. On the altar sat … Continue reading The Stars Align

The Bird’s Song

"Jenkins!" Dr. Bryant shouted in excitement.  The experiment had worked.  "Quickly, lad! We've found success!" Jenkins rushed into the laboratory with a mop and bucket per custom.  "Sir, I've brought the clean up...wait, did you say, 'success?'" "Indeed, lad.  Observe," Dr. Bryant motioned to a bird like creature sitting on the work bench. "My word," … Continue reading The Bird’s Song

Mission Failure

Alone. The voyage was to be one of teamwork, companionship.  For years her team trained to take humanity to new worlds. Being alone was never even a contingency plan. She ran to the spaceship's command module.  Her leg aching in pain from the most recent encounter with...whatever they had met our in the black.  She … Continue reading Mission Failure

Small Town

Mac's Diner at the corner of Main Street and Second Avenue in Parkerville served two functions.  First, it served the best waffles within a thousand miles.  Second, it was the town's unofficial meeting hall.  The mayor rubbed elbows with the baker, the pastor gossiped with the post master; all within the confines of red cushioned … Continue reading Small Town