Support Groups for Trivial Issues

I’m pretty sure the internet exists to let people know they aren’t alone in their trivial concerns.  That’s no reason to avoid the issue.  We need others to suffer with us.



We need to know others are suffering too?  Golly this is a depressing topic.

We’re talking about it anyway! Support groups for all sort of things are needed.

Groups like… Continue reading

Movie Trailers

A world unprepared for a new food.
There was no warning.
There was only weird salad. Prepare for…
Kale Storm
Coming December.


Walt was not good with metaphor. Becca worked as a translator.  Their relationship was getting tense.
Walt had a solution.
“I built a rocketship for you.”
“That’s not what I meant by ‘I need space.'”
This fall, see Miss Interpretation


This spring, baseball is in the air.
But terror is in the hearts of stadium management.

“This is never going to work!”
“You’re moving too fast. The new calliope can’t take it!”

*Take Me Out to the Ball Game plays in the background*

“You know we need to do this. There’s no other option.”

“Fine. I can’t watch though.”

In select theaters, see Organ Transplant


Why is there are a feline on your head?”
“New uniforms, man.”
This spring see Baseball Cat



A Walk in the Woods

“Nancy. Nancy they saw us.”

“Keep calm, Bryan, they are just as scared of us as we are of them.”

“No. No we’re not. We will mess you up if get any closer.”

“The goat just spoke. Nancy. Nancy. The goat is talking.”

“My name is Robert, Bryan. Bleat it, or I’m calling the cops.”

“Bryan, stop laughing at Robert. Robert, sweetie, we are just going to back away.”

“He said, ‘bleat it!'”

“Bryan, stop laughing. Again, I’m so sorry about this, Robert.”

“It’s going to be a gruff day for you, Bryan.”

“Oh, come on, that was on purpose!”

Movie Trailers 2

*Thriller movie trailer voice* In a world full of broken doors, you’re always In a Jamb Coming this fall.

*Rom-com* The fabric shop served the community for years.  All good things come to an end though.  One last home design gig and she was out of the biz, off to new adventures.  She didn’t expect her final client to be such a stitch.  It’s Curtains this Winter.   —see, ’cause Curtains can also be the close of something, and as a fabric shop that does home design they would make curtains….ah, this was a stretch.

*Comedy, Dark, Dark, Most People don’t get that it’s elaborate satire.* The voters went mad! The government went madder.  It’s Electoral Disfunction popping up this fall.

*Comedy trailer voice* His movie collection was all that mattered.  DVD, Blu-Ray, Laserdisc even, the movies played.  He’s about to take a day off work and marathon all he can.  It’s more exciting than it sounds.  This Summer, come see Discomfort.

*Comedy trailer voice* Medical school sucks.  Party animals Rory and Oregon have a plan to change that.  This summer, no one is Bored of Medicine.

*Horror movie voice over* It was always around the house.  Under the grill.  Under the deck.  Waiting.  The Johnsons never suspected.  Their neighbors never suspected.  When the earthquake hit, they finally understood.  Coming this March to theaters everywhere; The Fault in Our Yards


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Spoiler Alert

Expectant parents, Ash and Leigh, were enjoying a quiet country drive.  Lush trees zipped by while the sky above seemed to barely move at all.  One last weekend together before baby, family, friends, neighbors, doctors and targeted mailers filled their lives.

“I think I have a name,” Ash said.  She had been happily drumming on the steering wheel, but with the end of the song she found a great opportunity to introduce her topic.

“Shoot,” Leigh said.  Her stare remained on the scenery moving by her passenger side window. Continue reading

Band Together

“Gang, we’re forming a band,” said Des as he entered the room.

“That conversation started in the middle.  Bring us in,” Mera said.  She sat at a card table playing dominoes with the rest of the housemates.

“Music is a reflection of our time and we need to make a mark now more than ever,” Des explained.

“I’ll bite,” Mera said, “what sort of style you thinking?


“Ska? Old school.  Nice,” Mera nodded agreement.

“I have a name too.  The Great Horn of Ska-frica.” Des smiled.

“Seriously?” Mera was unsure of the brilliance.

“Trumpets and Crumpets was already taken.”

The Sleepy Blogger

Eddy woke groggy.  “What the? What’s tha? Where’s the?” He was too tired to complete questions.  Looking around for a moment cleared things up a bit.

He was on his bed in a seated position propped up against the wall.  Computer open, screen blank.  Phone at his side.

“I have absolutely no idea what I was working on,” he mumbled aloud, his inner monologue long since gone in favor of narration. Continue reading