Well, Well, Well, We Meet Again

Traveled to the big city today! Of course, I grew up a stone's throw from said big city, left for a smaller city, learned some weird phrases and have thoroughly enjoyed what is essentially no traffic ever since.  It was ComicCon weekend. Costumes, merchandising, crowds, merchandising, people talking into loudspeakers to direct photo-op traffic. I'm … Continue reading Well, Well, Well, We Meet Again


Must Haves: Last Stand

Bonnie and Clyde had a bad one. Butch and Sundance had a bad one. The Alamo had a bad one.  The Avengers tried their best. X-Men doesn't count. Last stands are hard to pull off apparently.  Perhaps we can crack the code to a successful last stand by listing what must be present. Ramen noodles … Continue reading Must Haves: Last Stand

Movie Trailers for Films That Must Not Ever, Ever Exist

In a world where climbing the ladder is all that matters... Boss: You'll get there one day, kid. Kid: Thanks, boss. I'm just so happy to be working in content creation. I feel like a real scribe! Boss: Well, you're not a scribe yet. You're just a little less than a full scribe. More like … Continue reading Movie Trailers for Films That Must Not Ever, Ever Exist

Hungry One Liners

When historians look back on the early 21st century the abundance of energy drinks, coffee shops, smelly teas; all the ways people can legally take stimulants will fill volumes.  The modern reality of being constantly tired is exhausting.  It is only Tuesday and I'm incredibly fatigued.  Is a Monster at 10pm a bad idea? Long … Continue reading Hungry One Liners

Story For a Grumpy Child

Here's an actual bedtime story I told my firstborn this evening. He was particularly grumpy and opted to give ol' Dad here the silent treatment.  An improvement over the whiny, sigh, 'gawh!' treatment for sure, but no less annoying.  So I told him a story. He's a very patient child. Story For a Grumpy Child This … Continue reading Story For a Grumpy Child

Looking to April

A new month is just moments away.  New is so exciting. New is fresh, open, unblemished, hopeful.  What does the month ahead have in store? I have no idea! Well, some idea. Personally, my work is going to keep me very busy and the kids are going to have standardized testing throughout April, so there's … Continue reading Looking to April