Movie Trailers – RomComs Re-imagined

Setting - couple stands face to face in a courtyard on a sunny day. Prison officials look on. Romeo: It's only three years. I have like 90 of those. I can give a few to the family and the Illinois department of corrections. This Fall, see a love story that sees through the bars. See … Continue reading Movie Trailers – RomComs Re-imagined


Grocery Store Podcasts in a City of Faces

The people around you in the grocery store, defined by their own terms and leading the lives they may or may not be perfectly content with, each have within them a story to tell.  They push carts full of frozen goods, leafy greens, a variety of milk (nut or animal, it matters little), and bags … Continue reading Grocery Store Podcasts in a City of Faces

Movie Trailers of Middling Quality

Interior of some type of militarized, steel sailing vessel- Character one, grizzled commando type, gruff voice, obviously tired of this stuff: It never ends! Newbie, heart of gold, wrong place wrong time situation: We can't give up now! Character one: But they know our every move. Scientist, glasses hanging off the nose, red strobe lights … Continue reading Movie Trailers of Middling Quality

Subscription Box Services Coming Soon

The Subscription Box industry is worth billions of dollars these days.  I am very obsessed with the idea of this industry, but not actually paying for any of these.  Long ago I pondered some ideas for starting my own, but they didn't pan out. We're back to it though with some new ideas for subscription … Continue reading Subscription Box Services Coming Soon

Movie Trailers

In the kitchen on a busy service night- Line cook: Chef, you have to try! Waiter: Chef, more air! Those eggs need you! Chef: No! No! It is so much! I can't whisk it! This fall...Whisky Business Parking lot, night time, small town: Teen 1: You think we're ever getting out of this place? Teen … Continue reading Movie Trailers

Jacket Patches

Francis Wilden rides a motorcycle. He picked up a brand spanking new 2018 Forty-Eight Special, red body and a slight pin on the screaming eagle muffler shield, he's on the bike of his dreams.  More importantly, he's wearing a jacket that really let's people around him know what he is all about.  The bike is … Continue reading Jacket Patches

Three Ways to Have Unbelievable Fun (and other tips)

Three ways to have unbelievable fun: 1) Never take a photo for proof. 2) Involve a demonstrably deceased celebrity in your retelling of the event. 3) Mention a place that cannot be found on a map. No one will ever believe you. Other tips: Gratuity Beef Point   We're going literal this Wednesday afternoon!