Landlubbers Not Wanted

The sea was unkind. The winds were unruly. The sun was high. It was a bad day to be a pirate. "Captain, the day is not with us. Perhaps we should return to port?" Suggested the first mate. "Argh, you kidding me?" The captain answered. The first mate sighed. "Sir, we need to get to … Continue reading Landlubbers Not Wanted


"You want to be a lion tamer? Is that still a job? Is that ethical at all?" Dea asked. Aaron sighed as he scrolled through Glassdoor. "Have any of my previous jobs been ethical under examination? The bank? The publisher? The summer with the Anti-Peace Corp?" "You were IT for an MMA start-up," Dea reminded … Continue reading Skillset

The Day Job Journal

Happy anniversary, Journal! We've been chronicalling the adventures of the now not so new job for one whole year. The company commemorated the date by gifting me a coffee mug. I would normally just say that this was a nice gesture and toss the branded mug into a donation bin (if anyone asks, this is … Continue reading The Day Job Journal

The Demolition Derby

"It's the best night of the week again, folks!"  The loudspeakers carried the announcer's voice through the stadium.  Cheers followed.  "It's Demolition Derby night!" Even louder cheers followed. "Our returning champion, the duke of destruction, the cleric of carnage, driving the Toyota Tercel of Terror, Mak Peters is here to defend the title.  Can anyone … Continue reading The Demolition Derby

Modri and the Word of the Day

The boat bobbed up and down in the lake. Modri agreed to learn to fish but did not agree to keep quiet about the growing displeasure with the consistent bobbing. "You promised a real good time," Modri chided the friend that had brought him out here. "No, I promised you a reel good time. It's … Continue reading Modri and the Word of the Day

In the Tiny Hamlet of Robin’s Beak

The most popular pub in the tiny hamlet of Robin's Beak was owned and operated by the tiny hamlet's favorite couple; Barry and Terry Goose. The brothers prided themselves on creating a warm and inviting space full of unregulated beer and fried cheese sticks that were guaranteed to make the consumer not regret losing years … Continue reading In the Tiny Hamlet of Robin’s Beak