Stick Figure Melee

Coming March 2020 on Kickstarter! Stick Figure Melee! This is a 3D Printable game designed by me! Files will be available for $3 or I'll draw one-of-a-kind figures for 10 users at a $20. I'll have a 'how to play' video shortly and a preview of the rules pages is coming soon. For now, … Continue reading Stick Figure Melee

I Wound Up Recreating Toys of My Youth Despite Best Intentions

Mighty Max and Micro Machines were the big toys of my early years.  They were awesome.  One or two plastic figurines (aka; dolls) to bounce around a small scene and play out fun stories with was all that was needed to keep an afternoon busy or a car ride short.  My brother and I had scores … Continue reading I Wound Up Recreating Toys of My Youth Despite Best Intentions

Family Wands DIY

Our's is a Harry Potter house of late.  Charms, spells and words I have no idea how to spell are being shouted about day and night and the children are gaining these ideas that they "have magic inside of them" and "can accomplish anything" or the dreaded "friendship can save the world". Their love of the … Continue reading Family Wands DIY

Washer Toss Game DIY

  Whenever I have an extended amount of time off from the day-job, I kinda' lose my mind.  To prevent completely making my wife and children wish I would just go back to work, I make scrap wood toys.  Because it is awesome. A game I keep seeing online, and most likely intended for lazy afternoon … Continue reading Washer Toss Game DIY

Steampunk Arm-Mounted Phone Amplifier 

"Steampunk arm-mounted phone amplifier" is my favorite post title yet.  Ridiculous and yet to the point.  I got to play with scrap wood, spare parts and lots and lots of glue to build what my favorite steampunk prop yet. Awhile back I built a desk based phone amp that now lives in the backyard for … Continue reading Steampunk Arm-Mounted Phone Amplifier 

Outdoor Amplifier

In my pursuit for lunch hour projects, I came across this gorgeous amplifier project .  Click the link to see what could be if more than an hour is dedicated to putting together a neat piece.  I saw the project and thought it would make a nice addition to the kid's play set.  A neat dock … Continue reading Outdoor Amplifier


      I am not sure when it happened, but it did.  I became my father.  When I was told to take some time off from work I scheduled these last few days before Christmas just to make toys for the little humans that surround me.  Spoiler alert friends with kids that will be … Continue reading Ropebot