Low Hopper Finally RSVPs

Low Hopper, beloved electro folk song writer, penned and recorded a cutesy little ballad apologizing for a missed rsvp. We don't know who the song was written to, but Low was often overheard lamenting the social stumble and mentioning a Genie. Low said a lot of stuff though. Below and above, the song "Finally sending … Continue reading Low Hopper Finally RSVPs


Low Hopper Envies the Robots

Anxiety culture Got me how I wanna be all Wrapped up like a mummy Asleep in a forgotten tomb Rip out all my insides Pull my nose through my brain Oh no I mispoke Oh please don't cancel me Ooooohhh nnnoooo there's a mirrrrrorr I think I see myself in it Ooooohhh nnnoooo there's a … Continue reading Low Hopper Envies the Robots

Low Hopper the Romantic

Low Hopper, famed singer-songwriter of the electro-folk movement, is not immune to the ol' love bug. In fact, a recently discovered, unreleased track indicates Low could be quite the romantic. Here is that track. How Does a Werewolf Say, "I Love You?" How does a werewolf say, "I love you?" I imagine it goes, "I … Continue reading Low Hopper the Romantic

Low Hopper Against the Highwaymen

Low Hopper did a quick tour through what he called "Little Narnia" a neighborhood in the hinterlands of a town that itself was on the hinterlands of a not-too populated metropolis in the mid-west.  I don't think the description was too far off based on this recent discovery from a collection of songs labeled "I … Continue reading Low Hopper Against the Highwaymen

Low Hopper Bar Hops in Odd Ways

Low Hopper can't even have a night out on the town without running into some sort of trouble.  This song records the interesting evening he witnessed the destruction of what was the Elderberry Country Club outside Hampster, Wisconsin. City Lights and a Pickle by Low Hopper The night had only just begun The bar tab … Continue reading Low Hopper Bar Hops in Odd Ways

Lunch Hour Characters- Trip

The holiday is over. Some gatherings were easy, others were taxing. This is Saint. Saint went on a trip to visit extended family. How'd that go? Well, let's find out through haiku. I picked the wrong beer. I did not know that could be. Leave it to in-laws. Talking politics! All while three sheets to … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Trip

Low Hopper is Thankful

Low Hopper wrote one novelty holiday song. It played on the radio once. It was not well received and the master tapes lost to history...until now. Thanks for the Memories (I included the vowels, thank you) - Low Hopper I'm thankful for backrooms all clouded and darkened I'm thankful for highways with roadside attractions I'm … Continue reading Low Hopper is Thankful