People on the Highway

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For work I travel between a couple of different locations every day.  This is fine, but the travel does take me through the epicenter of a town with nearly twice the population of my own.  This population increase amounts to 25,024% increase in traffic at any time of day.  The math is weird, but it’s there. The change in seasons has driven (ba dum tss) people absolutely mad this week.

One person really took the title of “totally deranged road warrior” this week though.

Today’s tale: Cookie Monster

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People on the Highway

I work for a multi-facility company which means sometimes I get to leave work at rush hour from the far side of what amounts to a major city for my region.  The drive home takes forever.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Usually, I’m rather displeased with this as it takes an extra hour to get home.  Tonight was a different story entirely.

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People on the Highway

At some point in our lives, we all must realize that every one is the hero of their own story.  Each person is on their own quests, battling their own ‘boss fights’.  While I see the guy at the deli counter as the butcher, he sees me as the customer that buys just way, way too much pastrami.  All those people that ignore yield signs, follow far too close, or otherwise fail to drive properly must have reasons for such actions.

Recognizing other people’s stories is at the heart of all these People on the Highway posts.  It’s a good reminder that other adventures are going on around me.  Today all my comic book and video game experience finally came into the real world when I saw an actual, without a doubt, beyond question quest item drive by me.  A blue wheel barrow in the back of a gray work truck.

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No Kidding

Last night my wife and I, alongside my parents and brother, attended Book of Mormon. The show was awesome. Completely offensive and humorous in all the best ways. 

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People on the Highway

My morning commute totals about eight miles round trip.  Take the kids to daycare then head back to the basement office.  It is quick and pretty boring.  That is, until arriving at daycare.  The parking lot of a daycare facility at 7:15 in the morning is a murder pit.  There’s something about parents at that hour.  Perhaps coffees have not kicked in or the droning of small children just shuts off brains.  If you saw Mad Max over the weekend, or even witnessed the 80s version, a daycare parking lot has a similar feel.  The key to survival is to try to time arrival at7:10, before the collective arrives and chaos takes hold.  Failing that, as is always the case, the goal is to move slowly and hope no one else flips into reverse as you vacate the lot.

This morning, after dodging a small child with no parent in sight and swerving to avoid a Fiat of all things, I escaped the lot.  The kids were safely inside the building and well out of ear shot so my mild cursing would not be committed to their memory to ultimately be repeated within that daycare building.  Long story short, the mid-way point of my daily commute really makes or breaks the morning.

Leaving the lot behind me and rejoining the highway, an Mazda CX-9 zipped down the left lane in good shape to pass me.  Then sat next to me.  Just the two of us side by side going 55 and otherwise alone on this stretch of highway.  The driver finally made a move to pass, after I slowed, and pulled in front of me just before a traffic light.  The story’s main character had revealed herself and all was well the morning.

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People on the Highway

Today’s tale is called: Family Business

An old econoline van, blue and rusted with scratch marks along the top serving as constant reminders of that one time the walls really were probably getting too close, is parked along side me.  We are waiting for a green light that feels like it will never come.  The driver has shoulder length beige hair; not quite blonde, not quite brown.  A trucker cap rests on his head and he’s wearing oversized sunglasses.  He looks like he is some sort of permanent Kid Rock cosplay state.

The side of the van says “Getz Painting”, the words are slightly faded and the phone number is a bit too small to read even sitting right next to it.  The words were painted on by hand years ago.  The driver wants to get one of those fancy car wraps he sees all over the place, but budgets just are not quite there this year. Or any year for that matter.

The driver looks like a Chester.  He’s mid 30s, bohemian by nature, plays acoustic guitar in a bar band every other weekend.  He speaks with a bit of a country-esque accent that is oddly common in parts of Colorado.  His vowels extend a little much and he has not pronounced the G in any word ending ING since he was a teenager.  When he talks to customers by phone, he’s always happy to help ’em and says “thank ya'” when booking a client.   In the early 90s, still just a boy, the movie Airheads changed his life.  He goes by Chaz now, in honor of that particularly amazing Brendan Frasier character that held his name too.

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People on the Highway

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Rainy drive this morning.  It is becoming a tradition of late.  It was a drive of water streaked windows, headlights in the eyes, and slow progress.  On the plus side, everyone was in the same predicament and drove very politely.  It a splendid morning jaunt.

There was one oddity in my half hour on the road.  One driver that left me scratching my head…

That line will make sense soon enough.  I laughed writing it, but you don’t know yet what it means so the joke is…you know what?  Let’s get into this thing.

Today’s tale: The Prank

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