Chore Time Surprises

Like every day, this one started far too early.  Sebastian had chores to complete, work to prep for and kids to help ready for their own adventures.  Morning turned to afternoon, afternoon to early evening and the family had reassembled for dinner, chores and pre-sleep activities. The main activity being cleaning.  Sebastian wanted his children … Continue reading Chore Time Surprises


Rhymes for the Tough Times

I enjoy kid tv shows that use rhymes or song to impart lessons to the child viewer. I thought perhaps I could add some that parents could use time and time to get the point across. My attempt: I hoped tonight There would be no fight But now I fear I was not right Eat … Continue reading Rhymes for the Tough Times

Back to School Night

Still new to the concept, Winston and Wilma were nervous about their role in back to school night.  Will and Winnie, their adorable twins, were entering the second grade.  Tonight was meant for kids to catch up after the longest summer of their lives and for parents and teachers to connect and express concerns. Winston … Continue reading Back to School Night

Edgar Wants to Read

It was decreed not through proclamation or statement, but action.  Edgar Trippe was going to read a book.  The feat had proved impossible for years.  Cats, babies, text messages, emails, DMs, IMs, OMs, GMs, and other attention-demanding people, places, and things were ever present and rarely afforded the time he so craved to immerse himself … Continue reading Edgar Wants to Read

Common Conversations with My Toddler

A conversation during a car ride:   Toddler; Daddy. Guess what. Me: What? Toddler: Chicken butt! maniacal laughter Me: Ah-haha! You got me, buddy. Toddler: Daddy. Guess what. Me: What? Toddler: Chicken underwear! maniacal laughter continues Me: Good one, big guy! Toddler: DADDY! GuESS WhAt! Me: Goodness, what buddy? Toddler: The chicken died. It's a … Continue reading Common Conversations with My Toddler

Must Haves: Parenting Books

Parenthood is a weird, terrible, amusing, gross, lovely, heartening experience full of weird, terrible, amusing, gross, lovely, heartening moments.  There exists myriad tips, tricks, guides, pamphlets, websites, Morse code signals to help parents understand how to not mess up a little human while keeping their sanity, but the go-to is the parenting book. I've skimmed … Continue reading Must Haves: Parenting Books

Dayton and Balin Debate a Status Update

"Post the picture everywhere!"Dayton said, giddy. "No. No," Balin countered, "the kid wanted a picture. It will be deleted a week." "But it's the first lost tooth! Big moment. Big picture. I don't want to text the entire family. Put it on Facebook and let people say 'aw' and 'cute' and we can be done … Continue reading Dayton and Balin Debate a Status Update