General Fluffy’s Command

"Mortal! Drink of this goblet for it contains within it the blood of our enemies, struck down by my might blade! While we have vanquished some, many remain. Let us drink of this goblet and salute our coming victories!" General Fluffy said. "Wait a sec...I swear I had a goblet around here. Ah yes! There … Continue reading General Fluffy’s Command

A Night Out – Halloween Season

"This waiver is ridiculous," Char said, finishing his signature on the haunted house's ten page document. "Who would sue a haunted house for being scary? That's why I'm here." "It supposed to be really, really frightening," Marice said, handing his signed waiver to the clerk. "You two should shush! We have no kids with us. No … Continue reading A Night Out – Halloween Season

A Bedtime Mantra

On rare occasions, the oldest child of Ben and Kat Yado would dream so vividly, so powerfully that the world outside the child's slumber was immediately affected. That is how the family dog, a bundle of energy and fur called Rover joined the family some five months ago. Ben and Kat worried that perhaps a … Continue reading A Bedtime Mantra

Out of Here

“You know what I’m doing when I get out of here? I’m going to hug my partner. That’s what I’m doing. An experience like this changes a person.” Fay said to no one in particular. She stared forward, unblinking, pondering the choices that lead to this moment. “Your mom is weird,” nine-year-old Tina said to … Continue reading Out of Here

Lunch Hour Characters – Road

Road is traveling. How's it going? Let's find out... in haiku form. Two kids in backseat. Between them, snacks uneaten. Hangry passengers. Dusk approaching fast. Sun sets and blinds the driver Road kill everywhere. Popular question: Who in this car just farted?! Giggles for hours. I spy with my eye Something that starts with a … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Road

Prepare and Protect

Seven years ago Hans stared at the newborn in his arms and held back tears. His son rested with his eyes closed and wore a hand knitted miniature cap to keep his bald head warm.  It was the most wonderful moment of Hans' life. "I am going to protect you from and prepare you for … Continue reading Prepare and Protect