Must Haves: Dropped Briefcase

Is there anything more curious than a dropped briefcase? A rogue walking down the street, they stumble, their case falls to the ground and exposes a bundle of papers that will change the world. A mule has to drop the cargo at a specific spot, nervousness results in dropping a case full of illegal squirrels. … Continue reading Must Haves: Dropped Briefcase


Must Haves: Lunch

Usually I take my lunch to work.  Some sort of microwave friendly fare gets me through that crazy mid-day feast and then it's back to being efficient and productive, and productively efficient. Sometimes though, oh golly, sometimes 'usual' gets tossed to the wind and the lunch hour is spent at a restaurant! Hopefully one with … Continue reading Must Haves: Lunch

Must Haves: Dinner Parties

I only have like five friends. Three I'm being honest. This group of friends has dinner together often and I adore our set ups.  Food, chatter, laughs, plotting; all the good stuff. I am mildly fearful that one day soon my wife and I will have to partake in dinner parties that do not involve … Continue reading Must Haves: Dinner Parties

Bunker of Paradise

The Fallout game series is one of my favorites. Fallout 2 had this amazing character "modifier" program that introduced me to the idea that computer files were changeable and we could affect them in any manner. The "modifier" was not exactly sanctioned by the game creator. It was total 5th grade hacking that resulted in punching ants … Continue reading Bunker of Paradise

Must Haves: Parenting Books

Parenthood is a weird, terrible, amusing, gross, lovely, heartening experience full of weird, terrible, amusing, gross, lovely, heartening moments.  There exists myriad tips, tricks, guides, pamphlets, websites, Morse code signals to help parents understand how to not mess up a little human while keeping their sanity, but the go-to is the parenting book. I've skimmed … Continue reading Must Haves: Parenting Books

Must Haves: Amusement Parks

The big amusement park here in ol' Colorado is Elitch Gardens. Elitch's for the hip folks who prefer to discuss things efficiently and everyone knows what you're referencing anyway.  I digress.  I've never really cared for the amusement park experience personally.  Roller Coaster Tycoon was my jam long ago.  Just like saying "my jam" was the … Continue reading Must Haves: Amusement Parks

Must Haves: The City of the Future

The future.  It is fast approaching.  Let's talk about things the city of the future must have. List time! Traffic lights.  Our cars may be self driving, but the experience of traffic jams and lights that just won't change needs be an experience all generations experience. Barber shops operated by actual people telling the robots … Continue reading Must Haves: The City of the Future