My Favorite Person

Many years ago I stood by my wife as we met our oldest son for the first time.  We're about to celebrate that big guy's birthday and the joy he brings into our lives (a solid 82% of the time), but every year I'm reminded of seeing my wife become my absolute favorite person again … Continue reading My Favorite Person


Deck and Amy and the Visit

"Kitchen looks great. Thanks," said an appreciative Deck as he entered the room.  "Wait. Why is the kitchen so clean?" His appreciation gave way to fear.  He knew what this level of clean  meant. Amy, from the other side of the kitchen, turned to stare with wide, anxious at her husband, her yellow rubber gloved … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Visit

The Outfit

"Stop," Katie said from behind her paperback. "What?" Questioned Calvin, just trying to get out the door and to the store. "Go change you clothes," Katie ordered.  Her paperback novel now in her lap, hands still holding either side to prevent losing her page. "What's wrong with this?" Calvin asked, moving his hands around to … Continue reading The Outfit

The Incident

Julion was not sure where the compulsion came from, but the stack of junk mail sitting on the dining room table just had to be opened right then. "Oh, sweetie, check it out," he said, holding a tri-folded piece of marketing jargon laced mail up to his wife, "the APR on this card offer is crazy low. … Continue reading The Incident

Pretzels and Projects

Palmer was obviously agitated and in no mood to be 'messed with'. This was, of course, the perfect invitation for Lyndi to throw pretzels at his head. "Stop it, Lyn," he said to his annoying wife. Another pretzel landed, and remained, in his ear moments later. "I've a work thing to finish and the theme song from Dirty Dancing … Continue reading Pretzels and Projects