I am not sure when it happened, but it did.  I became my father.  When I was told to take some time off from work I scheduled these last few days before Christmas just to make toys for the little humans that surround me.  Spoiler alert friends with kids that will be … Continue reading Ropebot 

Steampunk Weekend DIY

October! Yippee!  Halloween is approaching all to quickly.  Time to think about decorations, costumes, spooky stories and creating a general ambiance of awesome.  In this installment of Steampunk Weekend DIY, we have some mechanical invites to tell folks about the approaching Halloween party; new uses for old wood ladders (nothing spookier than rustic tools), magical … Continue reading Steampunk Weekend DIY

Lunch Break Project Two!

My wife had the brilliant idea of making our garage more user friendly. Part of the plan was to build a real workshop space. It is crazy fun, but now it is really easy to just do a project.  That means I want to do more projects. Now instead of lugging tools outside or into … Continue reading Lunch Break Project Two!

Melted Crayon Picture Background

I have a word for when my wife takes on a new project. That word is "new favorite thing." Which is a phrase. I am not really good at this whole thing. Her project of the evening was taking some old picture frames and making them useful again. It all started with some crayons. The … Continue reading Melted Crayon Picture Background

Steampunk Weekend DIY

With schools getting back into session this time of year I cannot help but think of homework.  Sitting up the night before a project is due, frantically writing an essay at two in the morning, helping X solve its own problems; you likely remember homework.  It sucked.  Still sucks. This week's list is dedicated to making … Continue reading Steampunk Weekend DIY

Steampunk Tabletop Mini-Golf

It had to be done.  It had to be done. Mini-golf is the best version of the game.  Windmills, volcano endings, the little putters that would feel so out of place on a real course; everything mini-golf is amazing.  So here's a mini-mini-golf for the table top made steampunky. Behold the steampunk tabletop mini-golf putter.  … Continue reading Steampunk Tabletop Mini-Golf

A Table Game for the Four Year Old

  In the grand search for something to keep the oldest entertained, we built a board game today.  The goal was simple; fun, solo if needed, and quick. The result was a disc flicking game of taking the player token and smashing it into opposing disc to send them off the board.  We themed it … Continue reading A Table Game for the Four Year Old