Lunch Hour Characters – Parrot

Parrot is a project manager. It has been a rough week.  How rough? Let's find haiku form.   Time, budget, and scope. The three concepts that decide: Can we get tacos? Sticky notes here, there. One says to read all others. I live in chaos. "The charter said so!" The argument continues. But no … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Parrot

Lunch Hour Characters – Road

Road is traveling. How's it going? Let's find out... in haiku form. Two kids in backseat. Between them, snacks uneaten. Hangry passengers. Dusk approaching fast. Sun sets and blinds the driver Road kill everywhere. Popular question: Who in this car just farted?! Giggles for hours. I spy with my eye Something that starts with a … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Road

Lunch Hour Characters – Giant

Giant is getting into the Christmas spirit.  Here are some thoughts on the special time of year Giant is sharing around the kids' table this year.  Presented in Haiku form. One ugly sweater Two glasses of egg nog drunk. Three PM dinner. Eat Santa cookies? And invoke that wizard's wrath? I think not, kiddo. Always … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Giant

Lunch Hour Characters- Nerve

This is Nerve. Nerve is nervous pretty much all the time. What is so worrisome? Let's find out in haiku form. The meds said no booze. Rubbing alcohol? That too? There's cleaning to do. Butter on counter. Yea or nay Nerve does not know. Best to throw it out. Roomba knows the house. Hackers know … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Nerve

Lunch Hour Characters – Grass

This is Jude. Jude is at a work sponsored event. How's Jude's day going? Let's find out through haiku! Sky above so blue Grass under head so itchy And is that an ant? Company picnic Tried to skip the whole event Could not escape it. Jaxon stole my joke. That's like my one funny thing. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Grass

Lunch Hour Characters – Sport

Sport is a nickname. An ironic nickname. Sport is a terrible athlete. Sport is also about to be hit by a dodgeball. Here's Sport's story in haiku format. "Good job, buckaroo!" "Ugh. I loathe this. To my core." "Just one season, kid." Forgot the 'jump' part. I tell you, it came for blood. Jump rope? … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Sport

Lunch Hour Characters – Lucky

There are those for whom life is an endless adventure.  They take snazzy photos of exotic locales, have crazy stories to share with family and friends back home, and really spend their time experiencing all that this great big world of ours has to offer. This is Zebra. Zebra wants to be one of those … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Lucky