Office Class

Follow me on this completely unoriginal idea, but one I will certainly pursue beyond the point of amusing. Tabletop RPG. Pick your class and navigate the social and political workings of the modern office without actually having to deal with one.  Use your key phrase, know your strengths, avoid your weaknesses and emerge from the work … Continue reading Office Class


Overlooked “Top Three” Categories

There are lots of top three lists out there.  Not everything gets the recognition it deserves though. Here are some categories that need consideration, thought and review as soon as possible. Top three letters to the editor Top three rug types Top three birds Top three reasons I have to go bed on time Top … Continue reading Overlooked “Top Three” Categories

Date Night Ideas

Date night ideas for the partnerships looking for something new.   Build a submarine. Recreate the Bond movies. Go to a sign store, print a number of signs that read "Stage A" and "Stage B" and put them on doors throughout a strip mall.  One sign placed four miles away reads "Egg Jugglers Wanted" with … Continue reading Date Night Ideas

Truths and Lies – Landscapes Edition

A little game for your evening.  Below is a series of landscape photos.  Places have stories to tell.  Each image has three statements. You get to decide what is true and what is a lie. Have fun! 1) Field hockey is very difficult to play here if you have an allergy to snakes. 2) Kite … Continue reading Truths and Lies – Landscapes Edition

Must Haves: Morning Commute

The morning commute.  Not exactly the best experience, but a necessary one.  I worked from home for years and missed the experience that is being stuck in traffic and nervously watching merge lanes at 6:00am.  No more though! No more.  Now I get to be terrified of merge lanes before my first cup of coffee … Continue reading Must Haves: Morning Commute


Phrases I am attempting to make part of my daily routine... Breakdance battle! That's an ugly pizza box. Teddy bears are at it again. That's overrated like an orange. Original like Netflix...I've thrown 700 things at a wall and like 10 have stuck. Party like the phones on 2% battery. Over that like a coat. … Continue reading Phrases

Terrible Scenes for Snowglobes

My kids were gifted Star Wars themed snowglobes this Christmas.  They're cute, funny and make the kids smile when the little Yoda is waltzing in a winter wonderland. I don't want to talk about the joy derived from a family friendly snowglobe though.  I want to talk about the worst possible scenes in movie history … Continue reading Terrible Scenes for Snowglobes