Slight Changes to Ruin Things

There are countless untold stories, myriad ways to create and add to the human experience.  The wonder of existence knows no bounds and we should all probably spend our time learning and growing and helping. That's not happening here tonight. Here now: Products that fail if their titles are expanded even slightly. Way Too Sticky Notes … Continue reading Slight Changes to Ruin Things


Quotes from Famous Inanimate Objects

Quotes from famous inanimate objects: "Ah! It's dark in here!" - Mr. Rogers' Sweater "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" The baseballs of Major League. "Would you change the station already?" - The t.v. from Poltergeist "I can't swim!" The Titanic necklace. "Push me. Come on. Do it." - Red Buttons everywhere. "Ugh. That's going to stain." - Labcoats from ER. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Arrows, … Continue reading Quotes from Famous Inanimate Objects

Currently Thinking – At the Club

Here now, the inner thoughts of people too old to be at a club, but are currently at a club.   Name: Eve Newcomb, Biggest concern: has to be to work at 7:00 am tomorrow. Currently thinking: I'm really more of a Blues Traveler person. Name: Hunter Grace Occupation: long haul trucker by day, DJ by … Continue reading Currently Thinking – At the Club

First and Last Party

It all started with a shout. "We're throwing a party!" One housemate had decided the group's future. The words were well received and a party was planned, scheduled and promoted.  College had promised the best four years of their lives, and these housemates were going to make that happen. The party proved to be the … Continue reading First and Last Party

Proposals by Profession

How different professions propose marriage. I suppose: Plumber: Take the plunge with me! Baker: Let's get cookin' Drug dealer: Let's get cookin' Doctor: I'm giving you a prescription... for life long partnership. Barber - Let's cut to the chase and marry! Dog trainer: *offers a treat* Marry me? Salesperson: You're the deal of a lifetime! … Continue reading Proposals by Profession

Passing the ‘We Are’ Test

Part of me has always wanted to front a punk band.  Sounds like bunches of fun.  I imagine a lot of writers want to be musicians. Musicians want to be poets and poets want to be professors.  Something like that. My musical tastes were forged during a time when bands went completely overboard with their … Continue reading Passing the ‘We Are’ Test

It was a Rough Drive

I had to drive through the center of a major metropolitan area this afternoon.  The entire drive I clinched my teeth and white-knuckle gripped the steering wheel while trying to keep tabs on if 2nd or 3rd gear was the best option. It was a rough drive.  I feared it would be my last. To … Continue reading It was a Rough Drive