What Happens When the Power Dies

There’s a power outage affecting my home this evening so we’re going phone post tonight! I enjoy phone posts because there’s no telling what might happen with spelling and grammar. I don’t edit or really think through what I write anyway so the adventure of this is thrilling for me! Will I write orange duck … Continue reading What Happens When the Power Dies

Shopping List

The shopping list of Gary “an actual mountain goat” Thomson. Canned beans Canned tuna Can cans Can do attitude Can opener Disney+ subscription Pretzels Led Zepplin branded soap Baaaaaa-tteries Tina Turner Classic Movies Baaaaa-ck up camera for the Tahoe Baaaaa-y leaf Baaaaaaa-d Boys 2 BluRay special edition Jethro Tull’s tour bus... for reasons Note: return … Continue reading Shopping List

Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Almost exactly two years ago I put up a post for Date Night Ideas. Honestly, most of them still track for our current situation, but two years ago was a wildly different world than the one we find ourselves in today. So here's a new list of date night ideas.   Get some magnets. Sew them … Continue reading Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Two Hour Drive

Snow hit the Colorado Front Range this afternoon. That means highway traffic is, and here's the technical term, "wowsa slow".  Took my usually long drive home and made it even longer. Two hours after leaving work I was in my driveway. When I arrived home just after 8:00 (long day at work too and my … Continue reading Two Hour Drive

The Alarms on Turner’s Phone

Turner Winthrop IV of West Township, Maine has four roommates. Three of the roommates are pleasant, pay their rent on time, and go about their days without incident. One roommate knows that Turner does not password protect his phone and describes himself as "chaotic neutral" when company comes to visit. Today, Turner is experiencing one … Continue reading The Alarms on Turner’s Phone

Criteria – A Crucial Update for the Modern World

Sites like Yelp need more review criteria. Rating based on five stars for the overall experience? That's not detailed enough. We live in the age of data, the age of analysis, the age of the algorithm. We need as much detail as possible in these reviews. I don't want to see what Bobby from Pueblo … Continue reading Criteria – A Crucial Update for the Modern World

What Comes Next?

As a great cultural moment on television comes to an end after eight seasons of making people watch four episode old characters die aren't we all wondering what comes next? What will help water cooler talk on Monday morning continue? What will make conversation at Memorial Day picnics as drama free as possible? What will … Continue reading What Comes Next?