Must Haves: Lunch

Usually I take my lunch to work.  Some sort of microwave friendly fare gets me through that crazy mid-day feast and then it's back to being efficient and productive, and productively efficient. Sometimes though, oh golly, sometimes 'usual' gets tossed to the wind and the lunch hour is spent at a restaurant! Hopefully one with … Continue reading Must Haves: Lunch


The Hero Consortium

When the city needed heroes, it got the Hero Consortium. Name: Squeak Power: The ability to bring balloon animals and creations to life. Catchphrase: End your twist-tied ways, evildoer! Name: Packet Power: able to steal electronic information Catchphrase: I'm taking a byte out of crime! Name: Ocelot, Power: the powers of flight and laser vision! … Continue reading The Hero Consortium

Predicted Trends of 2019 (For Niche Audiences)

And now... Trends of 2019 that will only affect certain communities. Folk Music: That banjo/record scratch hybrid of 2003 is coming back hard this year, Folksters. Get ready! Plastic bag manufacturers: Another rough year, but people will really enjoy blue Garamond type on department store bags. Pumpkin pie purists: Two words: butter topping. Boom. Slackline: … Continue reading Predicted Trends of 2019 (For Niche Audiences)

Background Players

Characters that will appear in the stories of 2019.   Name: Wicker Lasting Fatal Flaw: Can't accept a compliment without giving a $20 gift package to the person providing the compliment. Famed one-liner: 'Thanks like Tom Hanks!" Name: Drill Coverstone Fatal Flaw: Can't digest sad news well. Famed burger recipe: Jalapeno popper style on a … Continue reading Background Players

Bad Ideas: The List

Songs that should never be the basis of a singing flash mob's number: Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth Flash Theme Song - Queen Pies that would be bad to serve at family gatherings: Week old pumpkin Humble Rasperry Pi. We get it already Uncle John. Bad ways … Continue reading Bad Ideas: The List