Phrases I am attempting to make part of my daily routine... Breakdance battle! That's an ugly pizza box. Teddy bears are at it again. That's overrated like an orange. Original like Netflix...I've thrown 700 things at a wall and like 10 have stuck. Party like the phones on 2% battery. Over that like a coat. … Continue reading Phrases


Terrible Scenes for Snowglobes

My kids were gifted Star Wars themed snowglobes this Christmas.  They're cute, funny and make the kids smile when the little Yoda is waltzing in a winter wonderland. I don't want to talk about the joy derived from a family friendly snowglobe though.  I want to talk about the worst possible scenes in movie history … Continue reading Terrible Scenes for Snowglobes

Corrections Issued

It appears that in older posts I have made some factual errors.  I would like to correct those in one post now.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as these errors are corrected. Dolphins, both real and Miami, are not extinct sloths in hiding. Bigfoot prefers the Cold Cut Trio over the Spicy Italian … Continue reading Corrections Issued

Airheads Couldn’t Work Today

For some, the movie Airheads is a reference that is understood.  Some.  I stumbled over it recently, laughed at the dated-ness of the cover and moved on.  Later, the very concept of Airheads destroyed my mind. Airheads couldn't work today. No one cares about radio. The one hard rock station in Denver continues to play … Continue reading Airheads Couldn’t Work Today

List of Unnecessary But Entirely Needed Sequels

Not all sequels that do exist need to.  Not all movies that need sequels have them.  I plan on correcting that. List of Unnecessary But Entirely Needed Sequels: The Godfather Part Four - characters from Godfather Part Two in the plot of Weekend At Bernie's. Revenge of the Nerds X - The nerds and jocks come … Continue reading List of Unnecessary But Entirely Needed Sequels

Behind the Scenes with Indie Darlings ‘The Snakes of My Picnic’

In 2005, American emo/adult-alt rock band The Snakes Of My Picnic released their debut album with little fanfare, little critical response and little audience awareness.  13 years later their eight-song, 57-minute debut is a viral hit on college campus radio stations throughout the country.  Today, Everything You Know and Other Stuff Magazine lists (with help from the band, … Continue reading Behind the Scenes with Indie Darlings ‘The Snakes of My Picnic’

Today’s Topic

In college, I studied history and geology.  I like old stuff that tells a story.  I also like making stories. Preferably funny ones 'cause life is short and serious. Marrying these two beloved past times can mean only one thing; disrupting the historical record in such a way that historians in three hundred years will … Continue reading Today’s Topic