Social Clubs

I’ll be solidly in my mid-30s in just a few weeks and all I know about this age group is based on television programming from twenty years ago. If those shows taught me anything it is that I should probably be investigating local book clubs figuring out which one to join. Television 20 years ago … Continue reading Social Clubs


Since They’re Listening Anyway

More and more of our devices have the capability to listen to us and interpret what we need.  Seriously awesome stuff, but right now what do we do with this technology? Activate robot vacuums? Buy Tide Pods? Boring. There's so much potential with the capabilities of listening tech.  Here's are some app ideas that will … Continue reading Since They’re Listening Anyway

Meet the Neighbors

The neighborhood summer kick-off party. A dreaded moment for me and many others. Mostly, my neighbors, it seems as the party is conveniently "forgotten" by many around here when that first weekend of May comes around. Here's a fun game I like to play (as opposed to, you know, getting to know the people who … Continue reading Meet the Neighbors

Must Haves: Professional Advice

I switched jobs recently.   I went from a long established company to a small firm that is going through major growth. It is very exciting stuff, but most of the standard tools I know and love are unavailable and there are 1/4 of the people, so I'm needing to learn some new things. In this … Continue reading Must Haves: Professional Advice

Must Haves: Dropped Briefcase

Is there anything more curious than a dropped briefcase? A rogue walking down the street, they stumble, their case falls to the ground and exposes a bundle of papers that will change the world. A mule has to drop the cargo at a specific spot, nervousness results in dropping a case full of illegal squirrels. … Continue reading Must Haves: Dropped Briefcase

Alpha’s Travel Research

Alpha Simons wanted to take a trip, but it needed to be to somewhere presumably safe and not a typical tourist spot.  If it were too common, the Instagram feed would be so very boring, but if it were too safe the feed would also be boring. These are the things Alpha needs to consider … Continue reading Alpha’s Travel Research

Must Haves: Friday Night

Here it is! Friday! Friday! I'd quote that song about this fine day, but am terrified of how culturally irrelevant I have become.  That's growing up, I guess.  What makes a nice Friday night? What does a Friday absolutely have to include? Let's discuss. Must haves for a good, nay, a great Friday night: Fancy food … Continue reading Must Haves: Friday Night