Must Haves – Road Trip Games

The road trip. Once a cherished tradition is now mostly a carbon creating guilt trip full of poor LTE coverage and plenty of downloaded movies. However, when you have to be somewhere and you don't have to fly, hopping into a car and hitting the highway is pretty nice. I remember games of slugbug and … Continue reading Must Haves – Road Trip Games


Kappa Lonsprie’s Denial

The ever-growing list of things Kappa Lonsprie denies having any knowledge of, but absolutely has knowledge of: Gummi bears Frank Zappa's third album The dark side of the moon Fifteen percent of the band Fleetwood Mac Bladerunner Yogi Bear's current whereabouts Where the red fern grows. How cats always know who is allergic Magnets.  How do … Continue reading Kappa Lonsprie’s Denial

Additional Corrections to Previous Content

The following points are to clarify and correct previous inaccuracies in content posted to this site:   3DPrinted business cards are annoying. This stands in contrast to the original statement that they are “dope”. Do not under any circumstance try to capture a penguin. They are litigious. Sports reporters are not defeated by garlic. The … Continue reading Additional Corrections to Previous Content

Spud Winslow Reviews His Data

Spud Winslow has had in an interesting few days. Following a tragic incident with a Roomba and a loose glass of La Croix over the weekend, Spud has opted to do some spring cleaning of his beloved laptop computer. Here’s what went into the trash folder: Five reports written in college that all start with … Continue reading Spud Winslow Reviews His Data

A Character Study While You Sit in Traffic

Dillon "Duckburg" McMaster is the guy in the nondescript Kia Optima next to you. Look left. Yeah, that one. There's a "Titleist" hat on the back seat and a bedazzled phone case sitting in a pop-socket holder on the dashboard.  He's quite a character. Let's get to know him a bit. Golfs three times a … Continue reading A Character Study While You Sit in Traffic

Since They’re Listening Anyway

More and more of our devices have the capability to listen to us and interpret what we need.  Seriously awesome stuff, but right now what do we do with this technology? Activate robot vacuums? Buy Tide Pods? Boring. There's so much potential with the capabilities of listening tech.  Here's are some app ideas that will … Continue reading Since They’re Listening Anyway