Junk Drawer List 2

There are some things in life that would be neat to see, but not exactly worth purposely seeking out.  Like, for example, playing basketball with a group of priests who were taking a smoke break (based on a true story!). That's a weird thing to occur. It's pretty fun, but not essential to the human … Continue reading Junk Drawer List 2


Must Haves: Cursed Tomb

I think about death often. The result of cubicle life. While I have no intention of being buried (this fine-lookin' corpse is being donated to the incredibly broad concept of science), I would still like a tomb. I spent too much studying ancient Egypt (read: watching Brendan Frazier's The Mummy series) to think that a … Continue reading Must Haves: Cursed Tomb

House Rules

In the entryway to Dublin House (not at all located in Dublin, but the owner likes the sound of the words together) a list of rules greets visitors and roommates alike. The rules, the owner supposes, would be a good fit for any home, any B&B, or anywhere people gather to watch Netflix or sit … Continue reading House Rules

Subscription Box Services Coming Soon

The Subscription Box industry is worth billions of dollars these days.  I am very obsessed with the idea of this industry, but not actually paying for any of these.  Long ago I pondered some ideas for starting my own, but they didn't pan out. We're back to it though with some new ideas for subscription … Continue reading Subscription Box Services Coming Soon

The Unexamined Life

Cale Adamare heard Plato's quote "the unexamined life is not worth living" very early in life.  It had no impact on him until very late in life.  With little to be particularly examined, Cale set out to write his autobiography.  In his twenties. He may have had something else to write about though... The Chapter … Continue reading The Unexamined Life

Jacket Patches

Francis Wilden rides a motorcycle. He picked up a brand spanking new 2018 Forty-Eight Special, red body and a slight pin on the screaming eagle muffler shield, he's on the bike of his dreams.  More importantly, he's wearing a jacket that really let's people around him know what he is all about.  The bike is … Continue reading Jacket Patches

Must Haves: Final Will Addendum

It is important to do periodic reviews of your will.  Some years ago, I wrote my will's must-haves down right on here on this very blog.  It is time for an update.   New points for the will: My casket/urn/frame will have a skull and crossbones decal to commemorate my love for that movie. At … Continue reading Must Haves: Final Will Addendum