What Happens When the Power Dies

There’s a power outage affecting my home this evening so we’re going phone post tonight! I enjoy phone posts because there’s no telling what might happen with spelling and grammar. I don’t edit or really think through what I write anyway so the adventure of this is thrilling for me! Will I write orange duck … Continue reading What Happens When the Power Dies

Shopping List

The shopping list of Gary “an actual mountain goat” Thomson. Canned beans Canned tuna Can cans Can do attitude Can opener Disney+ subscription Pretzels Led Zepplin branded soap Baaaaaa-tteries Tina Turner Classic Movies Baaaaa-ck up camera for the Tahoe Baaaaa-y leaf Baaaaaaa-d Boys 2 BluRay special edition Jethro Tull’s tour bus... for reasons Note: return … Continue reading Shopping List

The Annual Report for Members of the Society of Bridge and Carnival Ride Engineers

Thank you for your continued membership in the Society of Bridge and Carnival Ride Engineers. Your membership helped us achieve a number of goals this year. The list of projects the society was able to complete include: The five-seat teacup ride for Markley's Traveling Show now has people catchers. The bridge over Tilestone River doesn't … Continue reading The Annual Report for Members of the Society of Bridge and Carnival Ride Engineers

Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Almost exactly two years ago I put up a post for Date Night Ideas. Honestly, most of them still track for our current situation, but two years ago was a wildly different world than the one we find ourselves in today. So here's a new list of date night ideas.   Get some magnets. Sew them … Continue reading Quarantine Date Night Ideas

From the archives: House Rules

I'm going to a concert! Everyone should listen to Murder By Death. As a result of the concert and putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Stick Figure Melee Kickstarter, I'm coping out and doing a re-post of a July 2018 funny list. I love a good list and for the following reasons: Numbers are … Continue reading From the archives: House Rules

Two Hour Drive

Snow hit the Colorado Front Range this afternoon. That means highway traffic is, and here's the technical term, "wowsa slow".  Took my usually long drive home and made it even longer. Two hours after leaving work I was in my driveway. When I arrived home just after 8:00 (long day at work too and my … Continue reading Two Hour Drive

New Year, New Programs

2020! The future is now! The future is here! The future...needs different stuff. Here are some new tools that should be available by the end of the year. Storymode - a Chrome extension that puts "First, let me explain..." before the start of any news article text. At the end of the article it adds … Continue reading New Year, New Programs