Must Haves: Friday Night

Here it is! Friday! Friday! I'd quote that song about this fine day, but am terrified of how culturally irrelevant I have become.  That's growing up, I guess.  What makes a nice Friday night? What does a Friday absolutely have to include? Let's discuss. Must haves for a good, nay, a great Friday night: Fancy food … Continue reading Must Haves: Friday Night


The Personal Improvement Journal of Doctor Destruction

When Doctor Destruction was finally taken down by The Flymaster (through a fishing phishing scheme), a trove of data explaining the supervillan's mind were found. Here were the 2018 goals for personal improvement of Doctor Destruction. Goal 1 - Get more exercise Step 1 - Get a wearable electronic device to help monitor and motivate. … Continue reading The Personal Improvement Journal of Doctor Destruction

Background Players

Characters that will appear in the stories of 2019.   Name: Wicker Lasting Fatal Flaw: Can't accept a compliment without giving a $20 gift package to the person providing the compliment. Famed one-liner: 'Thanks like Tom Hanks!" Name: Drill Coverstone Fatal Flaw: Can't digest sad news well. Famed burger recipe: Jalapeno popper style on a … Continue reading Background Players

Junk Drawer List 2

There are some things in life that would be neat to see, but not exactly worth purposely seeking out.  Like, for example, playing basketball with a group of priests who were taking a smoke break (based on a true story!). That's a weird thing to occur. It's pretty fun, but not essential to the human … Continue reading Junk Drawer List 2

Must Haves: Cursed Tomb

I think about death often. The result of cubicle life. While I have no intention of being buried (this fine-lookin' corpse is being donated to the incredibly broad concept of science), I would still like a tomb. I spent too much studying ancient Egypt (read: watching Brendan Frazier's The Mummy series) to think that a … Continue reading Must Haves: Cursed Tomb

House Rules

In the entryway to Dublin House (not at all located in Dublin, but the owner likes the sound of the words together) a list of rules greets visitors and roommates alike. The rules, the owner supposes, would be a good fit for any home, any B&B, or anywhere people gather to watch Netflix or sit … Continue reading House Rules

Subscription Box Services Coming Soon

The Subscription Box industry is worth billions of dollars these days.  I am very obsessed with the idea of this industry, but not actually paying for any of these.  Long ago I pondered some ideas for starting my own, but they didn't pan out. We're back to it though with some new ideas for subscription … Continue reading Subscription Box Services Coming Soon