The Unexamined Life

Cale Adamare heard Plato's quote "the unexamined life is not worth living" very early in life.  It had no impact on him until very late in life.  With little to be particularly examined, Cale set out to write his autobiography.  In his twenties. He may have had something else to write about though... The Chapter … Continue reading The Unexamined Life


Jacket Patches

Francis Wilden rides a motorcycle. He picked up a brand spanking new 2018 Forty-Eight Special, red body and a slight pin on the screaming eagle muffler shield, he's on the bike of his dreams.  More importantly, he's wearing a jacket that really let's people around him know what he is all about.  The bike is … Continue reading Jacket Patches

Must Haves: Final Will Addendum

It is important to do periodic reviews of your will.  Some years ago, I wrote my will's must-haves down right on here on this very blog.  It is time for an update.   New points for the will: My casket/urn/frame will have a skull and crossbones decal to commemorate my love for that movie. At … Continue reading Must Haves: Final Will Addendum

The Future Needs Four Things

In the future, one must verify their humanity by listing four things on any topic. Maybe. Captcha has to evolve somehow right? To help prepare, here are Four things to do at a party: Bring a snack. Bring some drinks. Bring four excuses to leave early Bring popcorn. Four potential future jobs: Space Attorney - … Continue reading The Future Needs Four Things

Must Haves: Last Stand

Bonnie and Clyde had a bad one. Butch and Sundance had a bad one. The Alamo had a bad one.  The Avengers tried their best. X-Men doesn't count. Last stands are hard to pull off apparently.  Perhaps we can crack the code to a successful last stand by listing what must be present. Ramen noodles … Continue reading Must Haves: Last Stand

Headlines from Alternate Timelines

Headlines from the town of Hermansville, June 4, 2018, BUT from 12 different timelines. Our timeline: Dog on Ballot! For Charity! The timeline where they found Jimmy Hoffa: Road Work Continues in the I-15. Four Months Over Schedule. The timeline that leads to Demolition Man in real life: Local Taco Bell Owner Buying Local Burger King The timeline without … Continue reading Headlines from Alternate Timelines

Best Ways to Make a Boring Meeting Less So

This June, I'm going to refocus the content provided on good ol' Shawn Writes Stuff to be more helpful in the tasks I assume my readers may endure.  I don't actually know anything the good ol' readers of this blog as I don't collect that data (which is weird since I'm a big ol' data … Continue reading Best Ways to Make a Boring Meeting Less So