Movie mashup projects I would fully support should the crowd funding campaign ever happen.   What happens when a zany family and Bigfoot time travel to the old west and their only way back is to win some sick and poorly developed dueling contest? Find out in... The Quick and the Hendersons In a body … Continue reading Mashups


Like a Venn Diagram Without the Middle

Francine McCloud, of the family McCloud, attended a family reunion.  The weather was warm, the sun was bright and the grills were filling the area with a delicious smelling smoke.  She observed her relatives interact with one another. They divided into smaller groups over time and those groups were mind-boggling to her.  They were so … Continue reading Like a Venn Diagram Without the Middle

Notes Found in a Shred Bin

Rummaging through the paper shred bin at work, Dolores Thatcher hoped to recover even a remnant of a document she had discarded in error.  She never found what she was looking for, but did find much more terrifying things. The following are lines she was able to put together: R&D is working with Cartography on … Continue reading Notes Found in a Shred Bin

Movie Trailers of Middling Quality

Interior of some type of militarized, steel sailing vessel- Character one, grizzled commando type, gruff voice, obviously tired of this stuff: It never ends! Newbie, heart of gold, wrong place wrong time situation: We can't give up now! Character one: But they know our every move. Scientist, glasses hanging off the nose, red strobe lights … Continue reading Movie Trailers of Middling Quality

Today’s Menu

Meals are about the experience these days.  We here at Cafe Rodeo Circus understand you want to eat good food and be in a place that has a feeling that can't be conveyed through an Instagram post alone. Today's menu includes: Egg drop soup served in a metal bowl in which the cook shouted the … Continue reading Today’s Menu

The Unexamined Life

Cale Adamare heard Plato's quote "the unexamined life is not worth living" very early in life.  It had no impact on him until very late in life.  With little to be particularly examined, Cale set out to write his autobiography.  In his twenties. He may have had something else to write about though... The Chapter … Continue reading The Unexamined Life

Movie Trailers

In the kitchen on a busy service night- Line cook: Chef, you have to try! Waiter: Chef, more air! Those eggs need you! Chef: No! No! It is so much! I can't whisk it! This fall...Whisky Business Parking lot, night time, small town: Teen 1: You think we're ever getting out of this place? Teen … Continue reading Movie Trailers