The weirdest dream I ever had involved Abraham Lincoln riding a Killer Tomato through the center of that town from Diablo One to warn of a pending march of ducks wearing fedoras. The very next day I saw a George Clooney look alike. Clooney is, of course, most renowned for his role in Return of … Continue reading Psychic

Lunch Hour Characters- Corn

This is Corn. Corn loves all things fall. How much so? Let's find out in haiku form. Crunchy leaves on ground. Hidden heap of dog "treasure." No more crunching leaves. Costume decision. Never easy. Even now. Dress as a lost goat? Corn maze visit time! Wait, wait. Are you telling me... I could just walkthrough? … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Corn

Hedge Maze Grumbling

Things grumbled while lost in a hedge maze: This is the last 5K I ever participate in I can tell you that much I'm pretty sure this whole place is just really big, vertically growing pumpkins. That fortune cookie was right! And to think my ladder is in my other pants. Remember that time in … Continue reading Hedge Maze Grumbling

Meet the Cast

The contestants on this season of Back Off! The Brawling Baking Battle Bake Off (the studio used metadata to derive that people liked competitive cooking shows and mixed martial arts fights. Seeing an obvious niche, they jumped on the concept to mixed results) have secrets. Mysterious secrets. Which, come to think of it, is pretty … Continue reading Meet the Cast

Working Titles

Some working titles for the piece above...   Amazing Amoebas Always Act According to however they want actually... Y'all ever play┬áSpore? Have you noticed that no one is rebooting Steve Martin movies? What does this mean? Temporary Title Underemployed Title FLSA Exempt Title Words are meaningless. Thought is useless. Titles are arbitrary. The only thing … Continue reading Working Titles

Side Projects

Some side projects I'm working on at the moment: Project Mismanagement: The How-To Guide - You've read the other books. You've bought a subscription to an online tool that will guide the entire project. Now forget all of that an introduce water balloons! A Horse is a Horse of OpenCourse - Opensource learning tools that … Continue reading Side Projects

A Weekend Adventure for Six Friends

A group of friends, dentists by training and board game fans by desire, longed for adventure. Like so many before them they did what any sensible group of 30-somethings would do; book a weekend away and pack up some beers knowing full well every night would end just slightly after 9:00pm and the days would … Continue reading A Weekend Adventure for Six Friends