A Weekend Adventure for Six Friends

A group of friends, dentists by training and board game fans by desire, longed for adventure. Like so many before them they did what any sensible group of 30-somethings would do; book a weekend away and pack up some beers knowing full well every night would end just slightly after 9:00pm and the days would … Continue reading A Weekend Adventure for Six Friends


The Dog Days of Summer (Movies)

Movie trailers. In a world of imagination. In a time of desperation. One couple dares to do the impossible. Partner 1: We can make the perfect bread. Partner 2: We could make the perfect dog too. Together their idea will change the world. This summer see... Breed and Butter **** Voice of unseen person: The … Continue reading The Dog Days of Summer (Movies)

Additional Corrections to Previous Content

The following points are to clarify and correct previous inaccuracies in content posted to this site:   3DPrinted business cards are annoying. This stands in contrast to the original statement that they are “dope”. Do not under any circumstance try to capture a penguin. They are litigious. Sports reporters are not defeated by garlic. The … Continue reading Additional Corrections to Previous Content

Movie Trailers

I'm very hungry and tonight's puns will reflect such. My apologies. Still, thanks for reading!   Destiny brought them together. "I can do this," Joan says, grabbing a meat cleaver. "I can do this," Jon says, grabbing a rolling pin. "No. We do this," Jenn says, grabbing a stake. This summer, come see....The Butcher, The Baker, The … Continue reading Movie Trailers

Must Haves: Friday Night

Here it is! Friday! Friday! I'd quote that song about this fine day, but am terrified of how culturally irrelevant I have become.  That's growing up, I guess.  What makes a nice Friday night? What does a Friday absolutely have to include? Let's discuss. Must haves for a good, nay, a great Friday night: Fancy food … Continue reading Must Haves: Friday Night

Predicted Trends of 2019 (For Niche Audiences)

And now... Trends of 2019 that will only affect certain communities. Folk Music: That banjo/record scratch hybrid of 2003 is coming back hard this year, Folksters. Get ready! Plastic bag manufacturers: Another rough year, but people will really enjoy blue Garamond type on department store bags. Pumpkin pie purists: Two words: butter topping. Boom. Slackline: … Continue reading Predicted Trends of 2019 (For Niche Audiences)