Jenkins Leaves a Note

"Jenkins!" Old Man Thompson shouted from behind his closed office door. Jenkins sighed, another task was to be barked at him.  It was not that Jenkins took issue with the work or extra assignments, but the limited people skills of his boss were taking a toll.  Jenkins dutifully went into the plainly configured office, took … Continue reading Jenkins Leaves a Note


Jenkins Gets the Joke

"Knock knock."  Old Man McClure said from behind his drink. The joke portion of the dinner had begun.  Jenkins was displeased. "Who's there, sir?" Jenkins asked.  When Old Man McClure had had two or more drinks, the knock knock jokes began to make less sense. "A livid duck." Jenkins had not heard this one before. … Continue reading Jenkins Gets the Joke

Jenkins Fixes Computers

"Jenkins!" Mr. Sanders shouted from behind his closed office door. Jenkins, sitting just outside in a cubicle meant for no human to sit in, interpreted the shout to mean, "kid, get in here."  Jenkins obliged. "What's up, Mr. Sanders?" Jenkins asked, peering into the office. "Fix this." Sanders pointed at his computer screen.  Jenkins moved to … Continue reading Jenkins Fixes Computers

Damage Control

"Folks, we have a problem," the ever concerned CEO said, leaning over a table and taking the time to carefully catch the eye of every single person around her. "Oh no! What is it, boss?" "Tone it down, Jenkins," the CEO said, pointing a stern finger at the over zealous C-Suite newbie.  "I'll let Hopkins … Continue reading Damage Control

The New Desk

Jackson had landed the big promotion.  Old Man Jenkins had finally retired and Jackson was tapped to take on a bigger, much more intimidating role.  He was very ready for the challenge. With the promotion came a new to him office.  Unfortunately, the office still smelled like Old Man Jenkins; an odd mix of cloves, … Continue reading The New Desk