Banned for Life

“Well, can’t go back to the Olde Mine Adventure Park,” Zane said as he fell to the couch.

“Dare I ask why?” Darren asked.

“Turns out there’s a rule, an unwritten rule mind you, that you can’t re-enact that scene from Temple of Doom,” Zane’s pain weighed heavy on every word.

“That mine cart chase scene is pretty cool,” Darren said approvingly.

“Yeah. Yeah. That was the scene I reenacting,” Zane said, defensively.

Darren noticed his partner’s avoidance. “Zane. You did reenact the cart scene right. Right?”

Zane was already out the room.


The Late Shift

“I am of the night. I am the night,” Dallin said to his reflection.

“Dallin, get out of the bathroom!” a friend shouted from the other side of the door.

Dallin huffed and lowered his head.  “I’ll just be a minute,” he called out.  With one last look in the mirror, one final affirmation, he was ready. Continue reading