Waylan Used to be Cool

On Saturday, Waylan and the family piled into their car and made a stop at the local home improvement store.  There was a project to be done!  The project required cement; bags and bags of 'just add water' cement.  Four bags, 50 pounds each, lifted from the floor to a flat bed cart.  Up six inches, … Continue reading Waylan Used to be Cool


Post Con Dinner Fun

  Better than even a day among the fun and joy of a comic con is the end of the day. If Denver Comic Con is all about building community and bringing people together to share in the love of pop culture's nerdy subset, it worked. It worked terribly well.  I have not seen my … Continue reading Post Con Dinner Fun

Chapter Books at Bedtime

They big day has come. The four year old is excited about chapter books.  He's sitting through my silly voices and correcting me if the voice for the character is wrong even.  He's recalling bits of the previous night's reading session and generally taking a hefty interest in the joy of reading through an involved … Continue reading Chapter Books at Bedtime

Rubble and a First Date

For a long time there was one movie theater in town.  The building was a big, windowless square that just sort of existed, for lack of a better word, in the middle of an always empty parking lot.  The entryway displayed posters of the movies that were showing on any of the six screens.  Carpet … Continue reading Rubble and a First Date

So Uncool

I live in the college part of a college-town.  Pretty much every shop in the area is staffed by college kids.  Tonight I made a beer run and came face to face with the reason Buzzfeed runs so many articles contrasting early 20s to late 20s.  I met my cultural obsolescence and it was weird. … Continue reading So Uncool

If It’s Too Loud…

I love punk music. Loud, fast and socially aware, I almost always it playing while I write or work or just sit around. The genre shaped my understanding of the world during those formative teenage years, kept me energized during the early twenties and now it is a source of inspiration for creative works. It's … Continue reading If It’s Too Loud…