Time Out

"Touchdown in five," Officer Kapowski alerted the team in the back of the helicopter. The three agents looked at each other, not a word passing the three longtime friends.  They had met in school and life, as it does, took them on a winding path from there.  Vegas, a pill-popping episode, some time in Hawaii; they … Continue reading Time Out


Stevens Plays the Hero

"Tend to the wounded!" Sgt. Stevens commanded what remained of the division's medical troops.  Stretchers entered the room a heartbeat later, injured soldiers moaned and the troops carrying them could not hide their fatigue.  As soon as all three stretchers were safely inside, they were dropped to the floor and the doorway barricade was reassembled. … Continue reading Stevens Plays the Hero

Wilbur Robs a Jewelry Store

Long, deep, loud breaths.  Wilbur could feel his heart race, pulse pounding in his ears.  All he could hear was rapidly pumping blood. "That heist went south, Man.  How did they get there so fast?" Wilbur's partner in crime asked. "I don't know. I just don't know.  We got the jewels. We got the money. … Continue reading Wilbur Robs a Jewelry Store

Behind the Menu

"What can I get ya' this fine morning, ma'am?" Shirley had asked the question a thousand times before and leading into the moment, there was nothing special about the woman sitting in the booth. She was not even meant to be covering section H that afternoon.  Barb called in sick at the last minute, again, and left … Continue reading Behind the Menu