Howie’s Craziest Adventure

"...and that's how I got my foot out of the fence just before the bull could reach me. Let me tell you, I'm may visit Colorado again but I will never go white water rafting again I promise you that!" The story ended in laughter and applause from the listeners. "How about you, Howie?" Francine … Continue reading Howie’s Craziest Adventure


Monster Generator

Last night I got to work with a javascript generator program for the first time in a long, long while. It was so much fun. I made a flashcard generator for addition/subtraction problems ( When I say, "made" I mean I replaced a bunch of existing words with the numbers 1-10 and +/-. Quick and … Continue reading Monster Generator

Must Haves – Road Trip Games

The road trip. Once a cherished tradition is now mostly a carbon creating guilt trip full of poor LTE coverage and plenty of downloaded movies. However, when you have to be somewhere and you don't have to fly, hopping into a car and hitting the highway is pretty nice. I remember games of slugbug and … Continue reading Must Haves – Road Trip Games

Criteria – A Crucial Update for the Modern World

Sites like Yelp need more review criteria. Rating based on five stars for the overall experience? That's not detailed enough. We live in the age of data, the age of analysis, the age of the algorithm. We need as much detail as possible in these reviews. I don't want to see what Bobby from Pueblo … Continue reading Criteria – A Crucial Update for the Modern World

Snowball Fight! A 3D Printer Dexterity Game

Snowball Fight! I made a game for the ol' 3D printer. Players flick a token around a map they get to build and design themselves. Trees, huts, houses and snow bunkers keep players hidden from zipping snowballs.  The goal can be to hit others to eliminate them or run to their starting bunker and take … Continue reading Snowball Fight! A 3D Printer Dexterity Game

Best Ways to Make a Boring Meeting Less So

This June, I'm going to refocus the content provided on good ol' Shawn Writes Stuff to be more helpful in the tasks I assume my readers may endure.  I don't actually know anything the good ol' readers of this blog as I don't collect that data (which is weird since I'm a big ol' data … Continue reading Best Ways to Make a Boring Meeting Less So

Highly Unlikely Situation

I write about Nic Cage much too often for an adult with actual responsibilities.  It is a problem I am totally fine with.  Nic Cage movies were a big part of my early cinema experience.  The mid-90s were anything but Cage leaving in 60 seconds. The movies were all basically the same.  Cage's character was … Continue reading Highly Unlikely Situation