Cursed By Dice: Yanice the Lucky Gambler

Over at Cursed By Dice, we’ll be putting together some in-universe stories to help build the whole world around the White Snake and Scorpions references.  Head on over to to see others and listen to the podcast.

Here’s the first bit of world building: Yanice the Lucky Gambler

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Cursed By Dice Episode 1

The first episode of the brand new Cursed By Dice podcast is available now!

Check out the podcast’s website here:

Or head straight to the podcast on iTunes with this link:

I’m super excited about this project.  Lots of characters, monsters, puzzles and fun to take part in.

Give it a listen to find out how we’re planning on making the whole thing as interactive as can be and please subscribe and review if you can.  These first few after launch are critical and I am in dire need of your help to get this out there and hopefully make a few people laugh.

Thanks for being awesome!