Cursed By Dice: Yanice the Lucky Gambler

Over at Cursed By Dice, we'll be putting together some in-universe stories to help build the whole world around the White Snake and Scorpions references. ¬†Head on over to to see others and listen to the podcast. Here's the first bit of world building: Yanice the Lucky Gambler The character generator at provides … Continue reading Cursed By Dice: Yanice the Lucky Gambler


Cursed By Dice Episode 1

The first episode of the brand new Cursed By Dice podcast is available now! Check out the podcast's website here: Or head straight to the podcast on iTunes with this link: I'm super excited about this project.¬† Lots of characters, monsters, puzzles and fun to take part in. Give it a listen to … Continue reading Cursed By Dice Episode 1