Deck and Amy and the Charity Event

Charity events involving caterers walking around with trays of fancy cheeses and grilled vegetables on weird looking crackers were well outside Deck and Amy’s comfort zones.  An obligation to a friend from college, a need for a tax write off, and the promise of free drinks changed backed them into a corner; their attendance was mandatory.

One and a half hours into the evening’s golf and drinks event, Deck and Amy failed to notice the small crowd gathering around them.  They were far too busy to notice anything so trivial as on-lookers, lookie-loos, and rubber neckers.

“What do you mean there’s no fancy lights or smoking volcano when you finally sink the final putt?” Deck asked, flippant and over-dramatic.  From his cell phone, volume maxed, sounds of fireworks and celebratory trumpet fanfare rang out.

“What sort of a golf course is this?” Amy added.  Continue reading

Deck and Amy and the Visit



“Kitchen looks great. Thanks,” said an appreciative Deck as he entered the room.  “Wait. Why is the kitchen so clean?” His appreciation gave way to fear.  He knew what this level of clean  meant.

Amy, from the other side of the kitchen, turned to stare with wide, anxious at her husband, her yellow rubber gloved hands wrapped around a mop, and said words she that caused dread on the brightest of days, “my parents are coming.” Continue reading

Deck and Amy and the Theater

“Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy a fifteen minute intermission,” the theater’s loudspeakers informed the audience.

Deck and Amy bolted up from their seats.  Programs fell to the floor before the house lights even warmed enough to be bright.  The two exchanged a quick, knowing glance; it was a game time.

They intertwined their fingers and raced to the lobby for a quick concession trip and to make one last appearance before their friends also attending the performance.  Deck and Amy had no intention of staying for acts two or three; they were going to put on fake smiles, compliment the orchestra’s skill, the lead’s range and the depth of story, then say, “enjoy the rest of the show, we’ll chat soon” and run to the parking lot. Continue reading