Date Night Ideas

Date night ideas for the partnerships looking for something new.   Build a submarine. Recreate the Bond movies. Go to a sign store, print a number of signs that read "Stage A" and "Stage B" and put them on doors throughout a strip mall.  One sign placed four miles away reads "Egg Jugglers Wanted" with … Continue reading Date Night Ideas


The Conversation

Roderick had set up what he thought to be the perfect date night; candle lit outdoor dining, gourmet Italian cuisine, full moon over head.  Even the weather cooperated by not being too hot nor too cold.  He did not remember the last time he and Caroline were out, kid free, phone free, work free.  He … Continue reading The Conversation

80s Movies with My Wife

Late night paper grading rules my wife's world these days. End of semester workloads are just mind blowing for teachers. If you have a teacher near by you right now, give them a hug. The other night my wife is grading papers and I'm writing something, what I do not remember, but that's not important. … Continue reading 80s Movies with My Wife