My Thumb, a Coffee Bag and a Lesson in Detail

I’m a bit of a coffee fan. Bean juice is my jam.  That phrase sounds pretty gross when not discussing music and I’m full of regret now.  When we are running low on coffee, it is essentially priority one to replenish stock.  Replenish stock means “get whatever is on sale because it is all bean juice anyway, so being picky is far from worthwhile.”

I made a run to the local grocery, perused the coffee aisle for sale items and pulled a bag of coffee from the rack to review it like so:

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Sweet Googly Moogly New Mugs!

You know what’s fun? Words.

You know what goes well with words? Coffee.

I’m addicted to bad graphic design (the only kind I know how to make).  These are a departure from the history themed items currently available. Rather, they feature some of my favorite phrases.  The ones without curses anyway.  More on the way because by golly they are fun to make.  I hear they’re good mugs too.  Once I can afford one, I’m totally getting one….wait a tick…


Get yours here:

and here:


Here are free books to go with your drinking.  Coffee drinking. Or not.

Need a mug?

I am a coffee person.  I tried once to abandon caffeine and discovered that self improvement is not a hobby I support.

I do support humorous, historically themed coffee mugs.  Society6 is currently holding a 15% off of everything sale.  You do have to click this link to get the sale applied to your purchase.

Click, copy/paste, whatever you wish.  Cheap(er) funny mugs at waiting for you.  Sale ends February 12, 2017 at midnight Pacific Time.

A sampling of available designs (there are 12 total! Some even look nice!)

Capone Liquor

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Workday Haiku

I’m starting to understand the allure of haiku.  It’s kinda like chess.  Easy to learn, impossible to master. The format provides a wonderful template to really get at the heart of an issue.  The issue this time around? Work.

“Fix the spreadsheet, please.”
How did it manage to break?
“Click, drag and delete.”

What’s on tap today?
Meeting in seven minutes.
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Weekend Haiku

Saturday, kids run. 

Monday still so far away. 

Sunday drink coffee.  

The Coffee Pot

Rico listened as the coffee pot puffed and huffed. Water heated and ran through the intricate system that made modern life possible. He loved that sound.

As the coffee pot went about its work, Rico sat at his computer and prepared to do his work.  Code, formatting, pictures and content would rule his day.  His days had been long and rough lately.  Shifting priorities and unwavering deadlines collided to make the new year one he wanted over already.  He opened the score of programs he would have to use and begged the coffee pot to finish its work.  He hated being up before the sun.

Tired, he checked his email and saw far too many things he did not to be included on.  He mumbled.

The coffee pot clicked.  The brew was done.  If he could have, Rico would have leaped to the air, clicked his heels together and screamed, “woohoo” to the sky above.  But he could not.  No coffee and all that.  Instead he rose from his seat, and meandered to the coffee pot.  He filled his mug while staring at his phone.  The glowing rectangle kept him awake.  Content he had enough in the mug, he walked back to his desk.

At long last, a whole 30 minutes after waking up, coffee was in hand.  With what energy he had, he raised the mug to his lips and felt complete disappointment as he tasted what had filled his cup.

He smacked his lips, disgusted.

“Forgot the beans,” he said.  He pushed away from his desk and restarted the process.

Poorly Timed Sayings Through History Mug Collection

I’m here to fill your humorous coffee mug needs.  Also need to put that history degree to use.  Mostly I want to help in the consumption of coffee.

I’ve set up a new shop with Society6, a print-on-demand store that makes incredibly high quality goods and features art prints from incredible artists.

Follow this link to check out currently available designs in Travel Mug options;

Here’s Best Summer Ever!

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