Background Players

Characters that will appear in the stories of 2019.   Name: Wicker Lasting Fatal Flaw: Can't accept a compliment without giving a $20 gift package to the person providing the compliment. Famed one-liner: 'Thanks like Tom Hanks!" Name: Drill Coverstone Fatal Flaw: Can't digest sad news well. Famed burger recipe: Jalapeno popper style on a … Continue reading Background Players


Deck and Amy and the Story

"It was an honest mistake," Deck explained to the dinner party. He set down his drink, a green tea he was drinking to seem more cultured in front of new people but really wanted to complain that it tasted of grass and oregano. "I'm pretty sure you did it on purpose," Amy laughed. "Maybe a … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Story

The Superheroes in this Ice Cream Shop

It is said to withhold judgment of another until one has walked in the other's shoes for a distance about equal to one standard mile.  That's a long walk through and we're in a busy world.  So I suggest these scenarios for judging the superhero name, power and origin story of everyone around you as … Continue reading The Superheroes in this Ice Cream Shop

The Tombstones at Yellow Moose Hill

An old cemetery sits atop Yellow Moose Hill. The tombstones tell the tales of life and death in a town lost to historical memory outside of maps and a few notes in a late 19th-century book on towns with bizarre bugs in them.  Here a select few headstones that caught the eye of a research … Continue reading The Tombstones at Yellow Moose Hill

Gas Station Observations

A brief tour of the other drivers filling up their cars around you at the gas station.   Car: Escalade, dark blue. Driver: Frank O'Connelly Inside his wallet: A tangled mess of headphones. This is the fourth day in a row he will spend a good half hour untangling the mess. They will be cut … Continue reading Gas Station Observations

Questionable Lines from A Memoir

Lines from the upcoming memoir of illusionist Ton Ton Brickwork that caused some trepidation at the editor's desk: I awoke from cryogenic freezing craving a hamburger. The only way I would work with Roy again was if he apologized for the incident with the beaver. My tattoo details the four humors...and one pun In September … Continue reading Questionable Lines from A Memoir

Fate Character Generator

(Reposted from the Cursed By Dice podcast blog because I can and you should subscribe too) Sometimes coming up with FATE Core character is a challenge.  We'll have our character creation episode uploaded next week as we move to a new story arch and this episode will help elaborate on the challenge of making a … Continue reading Fate Character Generator