The Perfect Gift

The time for holiday gift giving is upon us! Fear not though! Here are the gifts the people nearest and dearest to you require. Name: Ethel Relationship: Aunt Gift: Russell Crowe's award statues. Name: Jones Frank Relationship: Coworker, not the same department Gift: One of the "hang in there" posters with the cat replaced by … Continue reading The Perfect Gift

Resolutions in the Lunch Room

As we approach the end of the year, people are starting to review how successful they were on achieving their New Year's Resolutions. Let's see how successful a few people in the company lunch room did. Name: Tony from Marketing Resolution: Absolutely crush a 5K Result: Discovered White Claw instead. Name: Angela from Accounting Resolution: … Continue reading Resolutions in the Lunch Room


Tone returned to his chair with a huff and a sigh. Cale turned away from his screen to see what was going on. "You okay?" "I swear half of the words I say on any given day are 'and click the¬†enable content button right up here'," Tone lamented. "The second anyone in the building starts … Continue reading Coworkers

Article Titles of Those at This Gas Stations

Are you currently wondering what the other people filling up their tanks at the gas station would title their personal story article for a clickbait site? So. am. I. Let's find out what makes these folks unique.   Name: Betty Betsdans Driving: An old Corolla Article title: I Once Battled Seven Rats Off the Coast … Continue reading Article Titles of Those at This Gas Stations

The Lottery Line

There's a line at the gas station's cashier stand. Weird. The pump takes payment for gas, but this line is something else. The lottery is promising a reward of 235,020,004 dollars to this week's winner.¬† People, even the non-gamblers, have come out to get a ticket. Each and every person in line has already decided … Continue reading The Lottery Line

Conversations from Lunch Rush at the Rockland Diner

"What's in the Colorado Burrito?" Asked the patron at table 2. "A mix of beans and buffalo chorizo with rice and queso," the waiter replied. The patron winced. "We serve that with Tums on the side." The patron smiled. "Oh goodie. I'll take that." ************************ "We are here to do a job and we're going … Continue reading Conversations from Lunch Rush at the Rockland Diner

The Instant NPC Generator

Have need of a character? That random encounter in the city missing a little extra? Well you've come to the right spot because here we have available to you the Instant NPC Generator! The Instant NPC Maker will give the basics, you give the character life! Good for Dungeon Masters and authors alike, the Instant … Continue reading The Instant NPC Generator