The Last Writings of Michael Lycan

Michael Lycan wrote down three things before his death.  There was a will, there was a plan, there was just something lingering in his head that needed to be written down.  He hoped it would explain a few things. First, he wrote that he loved the people in his life. Second, he wrote that he … Continue reading The Last Writings of Michael Lycan


Jenkins Fixes Computers

"Jenkins!" Mr. Sanders shouted from behind his closed office door. Jenkins, sitting just outside in a cubicle meant for no human to sit in, interpreted the shout to mean, "kid, get in here."  Jenkins obliged. "What's up, Mr. Sanders?" Jenkins asked, peering into the office. "Fix this." Sanders pointed at his computer screen.  Jenkins moved to … Continue reading Jenkins Fixes Computers

The Chart

"Quite a chart. What's the data?"   "Our Slack bot. When called, it DMs a picture of a pig in boots to the entire team." "How does that help?"   "No idea, but we have 27,000 daily users." "I don't understand what productivity means anymore."   "No one does, Char. No one does." Image via … Continue reading The Chart