Let’s Talk About It

A long time ago, I did a podcast thing.  Realized pretty quickly it was garbage and have not returned to the medium since.  However, I adore podcasts.  It is a wildly intriguing way to tell a story, reach an audience and keep from being incredibly bored.  Fun times all around. So I've been kicking around … Continue reading Let’s Talk About It

Blogs You Should Know About

Blogger buddy o' mine Angelica Kidd has been very kind and shared a few of my posts on her page.  Go see her site https://angelicakidd.wordpress.com/  She writes with a sense of honesty not found in many other places. I am very much going to follow Angelica's lead on this one as sharing is indeed caring.  WordPress … Continue reading Blogs You Should Know About

The Sleepy Blogger

Eddy woke groggy.  "What the? What's tha? Where's the?" He was too tired to complete questions.  Looking around for a moment cleared things up a bit. He was on his bed in a seated position propped up against the wall.  Computer open, screen blank.  Phone at his side. "I have absolutely no idea what I … Continue reading The Sleepy Blogger

Introducing “Shop”

The time has come.  I'm quickly approaching the "if any more photos are used I need to find buy extra storage" part of this blog's life.  Thus, I have to try to make the blog pay for itself.  Yippee! There will be a new section on the site.  I poured every ounce of my authorship … Continue reading Introducing “Shop”

Just One Line

Quick bit on how I write.  Most posts are centered around a single line, funny or not.  Then I throw a few hundred words around making that line work out.  Sometimes it does work out.  Other times I meander and wind up making a joke about robot burritos...or something.  Is it burritos for robots, or … Continue reading Just One Line