Strategy Meeting

"Team, it is brainstorming time." team lead Wilkins said to kick off the meeting. "I'm thinking of thunder," Jenkins, accounting lead, blurted out. "Not exactly what we're going for, Jenkins," Wilkins said, "what we need is-" "Fog," said Orson, IT lead, continued where Jenkins left off. "It is a figurative storm, folks." Wilkins was losing … Continue reading Strategy Meeting


Waylan Used to be Cool

On Saturday, Waylan and the family piled into their car and made a stop at the local home improvement store.  There was a project to be done!  The project required cement; bags and bags of 'just add water' cement.  Four bags, 50 pounds each, lifted from the floor to a flat bed cart.  Up six inches, … Continue reading Waylan Used to be Cool