Deck and Amy and the Order

"I'll order, you find a table." Deck said, sounding more confident than he felt in this situation.  Amy gave an questioning look, knowing he was far from confident in the task at hand. "You sure?" She asked. "Yeah, I've got this. Burgers, drinks, fresh fries. What's so hard?" Deck countered. "They're called French Fries," Amy … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Order


Frank at the Station

The family road trip was one tank in and going well. "Alrighty, gang, we have to stop for gas real quick," Frank Jenkins said, pulling the SUV he found to be just a tad too large, into the gas station. "Dad," his oldest son, seven years, Theodore, started.  Frank knew the tone as one that … Continue reading Frank at the Station

The Difference is Subtle

Saturday, 5:57am.   "You're up early, big guy," Steve greeted his son with a whisper.  "Let's change you and go downstairs.  We're going to be quiet though so your mommy can sleep, okay?" "Yeah," Daxon answered with a head nod. The two were as quiet as could be.  Steps downstairs were plotted to take place … Continue reading The Difference is Subtle

Jenkins Fixes Computers

"Jenkins!" Mr. Sanders shouted from behind his closed office door. Jenkins, sitting just outside in a cubicle meant for no human to sit in, interpreted the shout to mean, "kid, get in here."  Jenkins obliged. "What's up, Mr. Sanders?" Jenkins asked, peering into the office. "Fix this." Sanders pointed at his computer screen.  Jenkins moved to … Continue reading Jenkins Fixes Computers


"Who wants a turkey sandwich!" Dad shouted with enthusiasm, trying to make lunch an 'event' this time around. "I do!" the children shouted back excitedly. "Who wants mayo? Pickles? Lettuce? Mustard? Tomato?" Dad fired off options in rapid order. "All of it! Yeah! Woohoo!" the oldest child screamed, cheering. The youngest echoed his brother's call. … Continue reading Sandwiches

The Outfit

"Stop," Katie said from behind her paperback. "What?" Questioned Calvin, just trying to get out the door and to the store. "Go change you clothes," Katie ordered.  Her paperback novel now in her lap, hands still holding either side to prevent losing her page. "What's wrong with this?" Calvin asked, moving his hands around to … Continue reading The Outfit

Deck and Amy and the Cheese Party

"These hash browns taste like funnel cake," Deck said to Amy when their host was out of ear shot. "Pretend you're at a fair and deal with it.  We are out of here in half an hour," Amy said.  She stomped on Deck's foot for good measure. "I was almost kidnapped at a county fair once.  True … Continue reading Deck and Amy and the Cheese Party