Lunch Hour Characters – Road

Road is traveling. How's it going? Let's find out... in haiku form. Two kids in backseat. Between them, snacks uneaten. Hangry passengers. Dusk approaching fast. Sun sets and blinds the driver Road kill everywhere. Popular question: Who in this car just farted?! Giggles for hours. I spy with my eye Something that starts with a … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Road


Lunch Hour Characters – The Bandit

What does it take to become a frightening villain who captures the hearts and minds of a whole city? The Bandit is about to find out... in haiku form. Kidnapped the mayor Townsfolk rejoiced at the news Back to drawing board Blocked out all sunlight Town loves midnight mini golf This one worked out well … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – The Bandit

Lunch Hour Characters- Selfie

Whoa! That's not you. What's that photo doing on your phone? Let's find haiku form. Weird looking seagull? Does it own the photo now? Let's not speak of this. Server from Chili's? Why did we go to that place? What gross food they have. Phone dropped from the sky Found by a pedestrian With … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Selfie

Lunch Hour Characters – Hawk

Hawk is a nickname. Well, it's a nickname of a nickname. Hawk is short for hawkward, which is a derived from Awakward Hank. The original nickname he came by honestly. Let's see some examples in haiku form.   Sneezed on a poodle. He quickly apologized. Using the wrong name. Three, two, one, smile! "What? We're … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Hawk

Lunch Hour Characters – 21

21 took a turn down an old country road. Life was forever changed. How? Let's find out.., through haiku. 21 turned left. And right into a new job. Masked wrestler for life! School work long forgot. Set aside a life of code For a sparkly cape. Also on that road Bumpy and so desolate 21's … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – 21

Lunch Hour Characters- Late Shift

This is Nine. Nine is working the late shift today so lunch is a bit late. Usually, Nine works 1st shift shows up at 7am, eats lunch at 11, leaves at 3. Simple routine just minding the shop, helping people out and moving through procedures. This shift is a bit different. How different? Let's find … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Late Shift

Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie

Eggie is breakfast. Eggie does not live. Eggie does not think.  Eggie is eggs which have encountered a cooking conundrum.  The food now has a face. What's the egg fryer to do? Let's learn haiku form. The mind plays a trick. It sees a face in breakfast. So not hungry now. These look familiar. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie