Rut and Moonbath

Rut was caught in the forest, Spring of 1878. Sheriff and posey were impressed with the villain's ability to elude capture by posing as an actual dog and not a bear/ dog hybrid created in a mad scientist's lab. Prior to capture he shouted "bark bark! That tree has bark!" The distraction failed. Moonbath was … Continue reading Rut and Moonbath


Lunch Hour Characters

I have not plugged blog number two in quite some time, but Lunch Hour Characters is (shockingly) still a thing.  A delightfully absurd, weird thing. Six months in.  Time is a strange beast. Here's a look at some of the recent content: Paul collects stamps. And travel experiences!     Bad art. Bad stories. Daily … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters

Second Blog?

I'm addicted. So second blog it is! Come on over to Lunch Hour Characters for bad art, silly captions and watch my slow decent into madness as characters come to life in the odd moments of downtime. We'll see how this single topic blog thing works out.  Experimentation is good.  With that mentality I … Continue reading Second Blog?

Spider and Monster Have a Chat

"So, reclusive ancient sea monster is your gig, eh?" Spider asked. "Yeah, it's pretty sweet. I eat boats on occasion. They think I live in the water! Nope. Basement of the golf club restaurant." Monster answered.  "What do you do?" "Oh, I pop up in showers, on walls; the usual jump scare stuff.  Mostly I … Continue reading Spider and Monster Have a Chat

Pender Bear

"What did you do?" Jonah screamed as multiple blood vessels became very visible on his forehead. "We call it a Pender Bear.  It's a spider-penguin-grizzly combo.  Things last night got off. the. chain. Amazing." Wanda informed the lab's chief scientist. "You two were meant to be creating a diet supplement pill.  How did this thing … Continue reading Pender Bear

An Editing Intermission

Long ago I made and abandoned a blog called Cynical Paint.  Poorly drawn figures having some sort of existential crisis or dawning realization were the featured posts.  Drawn in MS Paint.  By me.  Totally awful, but very to write. As I am working on the finishing touches of what I hope to the first of … Continue reading An Editing Intermission