People in the Meadow

I stood in a meadow, trying not to sneeze, watching my sons run up and down a dirt path.  The meadow was gorgeous, mountains surrounded us, somewhere a bear was eating a picnic basket I'm sure, and I couldn't help but think of all the people who have stood in the exact same place and … Continue reading People in the Meadow


People on the Highway

Traveling home from a doctor appointment yesterday, blissfully unaware that it was Wednesday, I found myself following what can only be described as a "cute car".  An apple red Toyota Yaris that just screams bubble-gum pop music and "ice-cream sandwiches for dinner!" was ahead of me.  Everything about the car and driver was positive and … Continue reading People on the Highway

People on the Highway

The family and I spent the weekend driving.  And driving.  And driving.  All told I think ten hours were spent on the road to and from Buffalo, Wyoming.  Gorgeous drive time; pretty empty roads.  We hit a bit a of a traffic jam somewhere north of Casper that involved ten cars going through a cone … Continue reading People on the Highway

People on the Highway

Today's tale is called: Family Business An old econoline van, blue and rusted with scratch marks along the top serving as constant reminders of that one time the walls really were probably getting too close, is parked along side me.  We are waiting for a green light that feels like it will never come.  The … Continue reading People on the Highway

People on the Highway

The eBook People on the Highway is free all week! You can get your copy here: Rainy drive this morning.  It is becoming a tradition of late.  It was a drive of water streaked windows, headlights in the eyes, and slow progress.  On the plus side, everyone was in the same predicament and drove very … Continue reading People on the Highway

People On the Highway

Today's Tale: Peak Spring is here and so are the bugs.  My sons are in the back seat of our old SUV, both of them nodding off slowly as they had no intention of being awake this early.  We barrel down the highway and bugs turn themselves into miniature Rorschach tests against the windshield.  I … Continue reading People On the Highway

People on the Highway eBook Now Live!

People on the Highway is now in ebook form.  This first volume includes 16 stories including 6 never-before-published tales only found in the pages of the just 99 cents book. Exclusive at Amazon right here:   It's a quick read.  Just a buck it will pair nicely with a cheap cheeseburger on a lunch … Continue reading People on the Highway eBook Now Live!