Airship of the Week

There’s volumes to write about the clouds and lighting in this piece alone, but the thing that really caught my eye was the mechanics of the airship itself.  The balloon strapped to the shipped by what would otherwise be sails is a neat touch.

There’s a sense of adventure in this piece.  The crew looks to be in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by puffy clouds and flocks of gulls.  You can almost see the crew walking the deck, checking knots and rigs making sure they won’t fall from the sky in their sleep.  A slow violin plays from beside the helm as the ship continues their adventure.

The artist can be found at though the piece is now longer available.  Tremendous talent, go check it out.


Cool internet thing of the week

This is not going to be a regular thing, but this is too neat to not share.

It’s been around for some time and there’s a feeling I’m the last to learn of it, but is seriously awesome.

It provides the ability to the lay person to put together a classic RPG game like Final Fantasy or Earthbound. Read some tutorials or just hop in and play, it is crazy easy to work with.

I am working on a sarcastic game, because sarcasm is easier to write than any genuine emotion.

I keep thinking of how neat the program would have been during my school days. Need to write a book report? Why not make Romeo and Juliet an 8bit adventure.

The free version ( what I’m working with now, because I’m cheap and the newborn means only the diapers are disposable, not the income), offers plenty of tools to still make a fun game and learn a thing or two about the code. Crazy fun to work with, check it out, make a game, post a download link in the comments.

Go make something fun.