Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie

Eggie is breakfast. Eggie does not live. Eggie does not think.  Eggie is eggs which have encountered a cooking conundrum.  The food now has a face. What's the egg fryer to do? Let's learn haiku form. The mind plays a trick. It sees a face in breakfast. So not hungry now. These look familiar. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Eggie


Lunch Hour Characters – Sam T. Nicholas

  Sam T. Nicholas is going into the family business one day.  And he has some ideas.  What are those ideas? Well, let's find out...haiku style.   Instead of cookies Crisp kale chips should be left out With bourbon on ice. Animal labor Will one day cease to exist Hybrid sleigh; faster. Surveillance state? Yuck. … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Sam T. Nicholas

Lunch Hour Characters – Giant

Giant is getting into the Christmas spirit.  Here are some thoughts on the special time of year Giant is sharing around the kids' table this year.  Presented in Haiku form. One ugly sweater Two glasses of egg nog drunk. Three PM dinner. Eat Santa cookies? And invoke that wizard's wrath? I think not, kiddo. Always … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Giant

From the Archives: Pender Bear

I spent a good few weeks in 2017 with only Paint as a design tool.  Work presentations, training artifacts, guides, tutorials, emails; all Paint.  I had blocked this period out of my memory, but it came roaring back as I was searching through old posts because the next 10 days are going to be brutal … Continue reading From the Archives: Pender Bear

Lunch Hour Characters- Trip

The holiday is over. Some gatherings were easy, others were taxing. This is Saint. Saint went on a trip to visit extended family. How'd that go? Well, let's find out through haiku. I picked the wrong beer. I did not know that could be. Leave it to in-laws. Talking politics! All while three sheets to … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Trip

Lunch Hour Characters – Lost

Road trips have many positive outcomes but there's one very concerning negative possibility.  This is Dent. Dent is on a road trip and facing the worst scenario possible. Dent is lost. How's that going for ol' Dent? Let's find out through haiku.   Anteaters? Oh no. What direction did I go? Those should not live … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters – Lost

Lunch Hour Characters- Tyre

  Halloween is here! Tyre is in costume despite some odd lessons learned on Halloweens past. What has Tyre learned? Well, let's find out in haiku form.   Knock knock, trick or treat. Why would you choose trick? Really? Fine, uh, pick a card? Office party time! No one else dressed up today? I need … Continue reading Lunch Hour Characters- Tyre