From the Archives: The Wizard’s Mirror

I spent most of this evening working on a pot of green chili. Tomatillos, loads of garlic, some pork, and aromatics galore. It turned out awful. Kids didn't touch it and I could not blame them. The trend continued while trying to write something new. I can say there are three absolute rubbish first drafts … Continue reading From the Archives: The Wizard’s Mirror

Archives: Carter and the Will

I drove for six hours today. My wife was in and out of sleep in the passenger seat of the car. The kids were asleep for two hours, talked for thirty minutes, and then went to play on their tablets because staring at the splendor of the countryside of Wyoming is awe-inspiring for a good … Continue reading Archives: Carter and the Will

Profile Pic

"Get the fireworks too!" Faith ordered. "You get the flash or the fireworks, can't have both," Quinn said, laying on the ground and pointing the phone's camera skyward for the best view. "Fine, flash," Faith agreed. "You sure?" "Fireworks?" Faith was not sure. "Tell you what, we'll try both and see what happens, alright?" Quinn … Continue reading Profile Pic

Archives: A Flower Grows in a Lonely Spot

The beginning of an old rhyme, a favorite of his seafaring grandfather, ran through Montana's head: A flower grows in a lonely spot To honor names long forgot He wished he could recall the ending.  Every time the rhyme played through, Montana heard it in his grandfather's cigarette charred voice, the home country's influence still thick on every … Continue reading Archives: A Flower Grows in a Lonely Spot

From the Archives: Gertrude’s Energy Advice

I've spent this fine Sunday with a fever.  I tried reading to the kids at bedtime tonight and that did not go well. Pretty sure I called the main character in their book Duck all night.  Drake is the name, so I was close. So tonight is archives night! Again. There's a lot of old … Continue reading From the Archives: Gertrude’s Energy Advice

Well, Well, Well, We Meet Again

Traveled to the big city today! Of course, I grew up a stone's throw from said big city, left for a smaller city, learned some weird phrases and have thoroughly enjoyed what is essentially no traffic ever since.  It was ComicCon weekend. Costumes, merchandising, crowds, merchandising, people talking into loudspeakers to direct photo-op traffic. I'm … Continue reading Well, Well, Well, We Meet Again

From the Archives: The Party

The three day weekend comes to a close. Today's content first ran in 2016 and is shockingly not the only short story on this blog centered around a picture frame.  While some topics are exhausted, I'm thinking in the future the picture frame vehicle will be used to tell tales of flea circuses, lost friendships, … Continue reading From the Archives: The Party