Barter at the Market

The market was buzzing with activity.  Merchants chanted their slogans to catch shoppers' ears. Shoppers looked up and down the busy aisles and smiled. The first harvest market of the year was full of foods and wares that would be necessary to keep homes of any size going until the next winter hit. Wen was … Continue reading Barter at the Market

Volcano Beneath Denver

“Good afternoon, people. I wish I could stand before with better news, but wishes get stitches or something… I’m very tired after reviewing years of data trying to disprove my analysis. I cannot disprove it though,” Doctor Abigail Ladlow, chief seismologist of the College of Geology at the local university addressed a group of press … Continue reading Volcano Beneath Denver

Party Like It’s…

Pow! The champagne bottle opened. The cork flew. The bubbles fizzled.  The New Year had arrived. "Welcome to 1999 everybody!" The host shouted. "Resolutions! Resolutions!" A particular festive (and drunk) party-goer screamed from the background. "I'm getting my dot-com off the ground this year!" Shouted Jenkins. "I'm going to Jazzercise until 2099!" Shrieked Tomas from … Continue reading Party Like It’s…

The Conversation

Roderick had set up what he thought to be the perfect date night; candle lit outdoor dining, gourmet Italian cuisine, full moon over head.  Even the weather cooperated by not being too hot nor too cold.  He did not remember the last time he and Caroline were out, kid free, phone free, work free.  He … Continue reading The Conversation

Kemp on the Radio

A dark road and a book on a tape were Kemp's two favorite things.  When the two items shared time together, he was happy as a pig in mud.  He loved that phrase.  Good fries at a small diner? He'd enjoy it like a pig loves mud.  Half priced gas station coffee? He'd be smiling like … Continue reading Kemp on the Radio