The Final Seconds of Tad’s Career

The final forty seconds of lead anchor Tad Talkman's career. Tad: Breaking news tonight.  Pangea. Dropped glassware.  Fallon in many classic SNL skits. Co-Anchor, Lynn Breloff: What? Tad: Oh, there's more.  Internet connections at inopportune times. Barriers. Lynn: We're going to head to commercial break. Tad: Hey! Nice one, Lynn!


The Chart

"Quite a chart. What's the data?"   "Our Slack bot. When called, it DMs a picture of a pig in boots to the entire team." "How does that help?"   "No idea, but we have 27,000 daily users." "I don't understand what productivity means anymore."   "No one does, Char. No one does." Image via … Continue reading The Chart